Kreidler has earned another term as insurance commissioner


State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has done an outstanding job for the past 12 years. We urge voters to re-elect him to a fourth term.

Kreidler, a Democrat, has done a solid job of overseeing the insurance industry and looking out for the best interests of consumers.

Kreidler’s challenger, Republican John R. Adams, has more than 40 years of experience in the insurance industry as an independent broker. Adams certainly brings knowledge and keen insights to the race.

Adams would bring a different approach to the job. He believes Kreidler, who worked as an eye doctor, focuses too heavily on medical insurance and looks at it too often from the service providers’ point of view.

Adams said he is well-versed in all aspects of insurance, which he believes would ultimately benefit consumers.

But Adams has nothing bad to say about Kreidler’s performance although he believes some of his policies have allowed insurance rates to climb too fast. In fact, he said that if he won the election he would like to hire Kreidler to work in the office because of his wealth of knowledge.

“If people want to see a different flavor down there (in Olympia) I am here to help them get it,” Adams said.

We see no need for change. Rising insurance costs are a national concern. Kreidler has done a solid job keeping costs down under the circumstances.

Kreidler’s experience will be particularly valuable as national health care insurance reform — Obamacare — is implemented. Kreidler should be an asset to the citizens as the changes are implemented.

Another term for Kreidler will give him a chance to push through Legislation that would allow his office to consider the surplus funds of nonprofit insurance companies when establishing rates. Currently Premera Blue Cross and Regence BlueShield each have surpluses of over $1 billion. Kreidler finds that outrageous and has been working to put a foot on rate increases until the surpluses are more reasonable.

And Kreidler wants to continue to focus on protecting consumers from being treated unfairly or being ripped off.

We believe Kreidler has done a solid job all the way around.

Kreidler has earned another four-year term as insurance commissioner.


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