Democrat tired of being disrespected


I'm a Democrat. In fact, I'm a Democrat by choice, a passionate, vocal Democrat.

And I put my money where my mouth is. I donate and I wear my support of President Obama on my lapel in the form of a button. There was a time 30 years ago when I was a Republican, a Republican by choice, a passionate, vocal Republican.

Sadly, the Republican Party of 30 years ago is not the Republican Party of today, so I'm a Democrat.

I'm also an American and an American who believes that people have the right to their own opinions and the right to vote their choice.

But I have had to leave the room because of the verbal abuse that I have received because I'm a Democrat and wearing my button. I have received numerous emails and Facebook attacks because of my political persuasion.

I'm not generally considered to be a violent person, although I am very passionate about a lot of things, including my American rights and my choices.

I have dear friends and relatives who have more conservative and different opinions than I, but I believe I have treated them with respect and not belittled them for their beliefs.

I'm sad that I'm not being given the respect that all people and all Americans are entitled to. I'm learning during this vicious political season to be very conscious of everything I say and to keep my words polite and respectful.

Valerie Weaver

Walla Walla



tinman02 says...

Keep up the Good Fight Valerie I'm right there with you. It seems debate isn't in most of the Republicians in this area of the state's vocabulary. They just rely on "bullying" due to the fact they know they have the majority on thier side here in southeastern Washington. I'm 50, my sister is 61, and my mother is 83 and we agree!

Margie Neace
Walla Walla

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campbell_rd says...

I was a democrat until they evolved into a party that I can no longer support. The lack of morals and lack of religious tolerance is appalling (except ISLAM of course). I'm an Independent, I vote for the person not a party. That said I rarely vote Democrat anymore. Especially not Obama, but that's my choice to make.
I believe in Marriage between one man and one woman, I believe that God creates life not us (abortions), I believe racism should be dead by now (there is only one true race - Human), I believe that homosexuality is not normal (it is a sin like many others and as such not to be celebrated in public and taught in schools) and above all else "I believe in Jesus". Do those ideals/beliefs fit into the Democratic party these days (not that I see)?

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mwood says...

Like cambell_rd I also identify with republicans because republican values are my values. I am most disapointed with the utter intolerance expressed by today's democrat. Not long ago the mayor of Chicago vocally discouraged a major business, a business which puts people to work, which pays taxes, to leave Chicago because the business owner had views on marriage which differed from a democratic view.
Just the other day a high school student wore a Romney/Ryan shirt to school on a relaxed dress day. Her teacher imediately aggessively approached the student and ordered her to leave the classroom while telliing her she could not wear a republican shirt inside a democratic school. The teacher loudly belittled the child while asking other sturdents to join in the bullying. School administrators have admitted the shirt did not violate school policy. I would hope Ms. Weaver would join most adults in saying this teacher was wrong to disrupt her class while also infringing on this students rights. Democrats supposedly seek the "youth" vote, but it seems to me that democrats encourage the youth vote, only if they vote for democratic issues.

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Iopine says...

Maybe there have been some changes in the republican party (I have been a conservative all my life) but look at the complete change in the Democrat party almost consorting to Socialism. Since this Administration has been in Majority the United States of America has been downgraded twice and working on number three. Is that the normal Democrat party?

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