Hmmm, how could Jesus become president?


Anyone who is even an occasional reader of the Union-Bulletin’s editorial page knows Roberta Bardsley is no fan of Barack Obama. She’s made that clear time and time again.

This last letter, dated March 27, however, I found rather amusing because at one point she remarks how President Obama has ruined our country with his far-left radical agenda and concludes with the only one to save our country is Jesus Christ.

Funny thing, last I checked, Christ taught us to reach out to the poor and disadvantaged. A fairly liberal agenda if you ask me.

Besides, he might have a problem being properly vetted, what with his being born in Israel and all, not to mention there is question of his actual parentage and no one of Jewish decent has ever been elected president. Not to start any trouble, but I’m just saying.

Ross Stevenson




Iopine says...

Its always nice for free speech and to change the context of ones letters. Go get em Roberta!

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blueskies says...

Ditto, Ross Stevenson. One could wonder if Roberta Bardsley has ever read the Bible. She seems to have a strange interpretation of Christianity. Well done, Mr. Stevenson.

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loplover says...

I also agree with Mr. Stevenson. I find it interesting that Ms. Bardsley and so many of the other Obama-haters that write letters vilifying the President claim to be fans of Jesus. Let's see, Jesus threw the money-changers out of the temple, he said that if anyone wanted to follow him, the first thing they had to do was give ALL of their possessions to the poor, and he made it a point of spending his time with those that his society had cast out; Samaritans, the poor, lepers, prostitutes, etc. I find it fascinating that Ms. Bardsley and so many others in this area only are fans of this right-wing fake "christianity" who's only requirements are an open hatred of our first African-American president and a more-covert vilification of the rest of his race, bigotry and intolerance toward our GLBT brothers and sisters, and a love affair with the "unborn" that ends the second that baby exits the womb. I don't know what religion all of that might be, but they really should stop calling themselves christians, since the quotes they cherry-pick from the Bible to "prove" their faith almost all come from the Old Testament, and most tenets of that religion discount everything that Jesus Christ taught.

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blueskies says...


Your line, "right-wing fake Christianity" is such a great description.

I can handle indignation but it appears to me that Bardsley's emotion is pure hatred with nothing approaching LOVE. What a shame. Our world could use a bit more love and much less hatred.

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Iopine says...

As the condescension evolves, the hypocrisy is overwhelming. Keep it up kiddies!

Posted 3 April 2013, 6:19 p.m. Suggest removal

blueskies says...


Where and how long were you in Vietnam?

Posted 7 April 2013, 12:01 p.m. Suggest removal

Iopine says...

a little over 2 yrs

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pdywgn says...

African-American? Right out of the gate? Really....?

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chicoli says...

I recall when some fundamentalist preachers organized prayer vigils at many churches all over the country, for God to deny Obama the Presidency. Obviously Obama opposers floked in, bought a lot of holly water and donated a lot of thousand-dollars "seed money". They prayed as hard as they could.
God, in his infinite wisdom and justice, gave Obama the presidency, not once but twice...and then He said..."si se puede" in spanish, my friend!

Carlos F. Acevedo MD

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Iopine says...

Yep Paco - the community organizer brought us millions of illegals and a great emphasis on racism!

Posted 4 April 2013, 6:37 p.m. Suggest removal

chicoli says...

Poor namvet! He does not even know his Bible. Jesus, a Democrat, was the first community orgamizer. Dick Armey, a Republican was the last one. Dick Armey even used Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' to community organize the Tea Party movement. Surprise! No one is expected to learn these facts by reading "tid-bits" at a dinner!

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Iopine says...

Thats one thing about you Paco - a laugh a minute - Jesus was actually a conservative and the only other person to be elected on being a community organizer is your commander-in-chief Obama and his lack of leadership cannot even be considered in the same sentence with organizer.

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mytwocents says...

I find Ms Bardsleys letters to be repetitive in context and redundant in content.. She's an angry, opinionated,and extreme right wing cuckoo. She knows enough about the bible to have a very narrow minded and self serving agenda,and uses scripture to suit herself.
On a personal level,I am so sick of even seeing her name attached to a letter, that I will not read them anymore.
It was my original understanding that one could only submit6 letters a year to the editor.
Either way, the constitution protects her right to write, I only wish she wouldn't abuse the privilege so frequently

Posted 5 April 2013, 2:47 p.m. Suggest removal

Iopine says...

The last I read on the limit was one a month.

Posted 5 April 2013, 7:06 p.m. Suggest removal

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