In the Minutes - Port of Walla Walla


Port of Walla Walla commissioners are Paul Schneidmiller, Ron Dunning and Mike Fredrickson. Schneidmiller had an excused absence Thursday. The remaining commissioners:

WELL RELOCATION: Approved moving forward with phase II improvements for the Burbank well relocation after a water testing report showed water in the new well is comparable in quality and characteristics to the existing well.

SEWER SYSTEM PROJECT: Agreed to move forward with the framework agreement to allow construction of the Burbank sewer system project.

MANNINA CELLARS PURCHASE: Agreed to buythe current Mannina Cellars building at 760 C St. for about $300,000. The building will be leased back to the winery.

TOURISM REQUEST: Authorized a $2,000 allocation to the Kirkman House Museum for tourism dollars to market the museum’s events this year.

JOINT MEETING: Reviewed plans for a joint meeting next Friday between the Port of Seattle and Port of Walla Walla.SBltSBltSBltpurchaseSBltSBlt


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