McMorris Rodgers smiles while programs are cut


Washington’s 5th Congressional District Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is at it again. While smiling and telling the people of Eastern Washington she’s here to serve us, she supports a sequester that will slash $85 billion in 2013.

She sees no problem with mandatory, across-the-board cuts to all government programs, no matter their importance. (There are a few exceptions, like Social Security, Medicade, refund tax credits to individuals, Children’s Nutrition Program and of course, pay for Congress.)

In a recent address to the GOP Ms. McMorris Rodgers stated, “We’ve done the work and shown that these choices can be made in a responsible, thoughtful, way.”

One of her “thoughtful, responsible” choices for our district will come in the form of furloughing 2,600 workers at the nation’s largest Superfund cleanup site, the Handford Nuclear Reservation.

Today Hanford is the most contaminated nuclear site in the U.S. and the focus of the nation’s largest environmental cleanup. The U,S. government spends $2 billion each year on cleanup at Hanford. (One-third of the national nuclear clean up budget).

Fifty-plus years of contamination to the air, soil and water, and the most recent announcement that six tanks are leaking doesn’t seem to bother Ms. McMorris Rodgers at all. She just wants us to remember she deeply cares about the people of Eastern Washington.

Patricia Bates




Iopine says...

WOW - here we go again - Ms McMorris Rodgers is the only one person band in the House of Reps. Have you contacted Sen Murray and Cantwell to see if how they voted? It was the infamous Presidents idea for the sequester and then when it came to bear he didn't know a thing about it. Short memories serve Progressives well.

Posted 15 April 2013, 2:19 p.m. Suggest removal

wallyworldguy says...

Furloughs are necessary, and across the board is the fair way. I doubt any of those over paid under worked Federal workers are going to starve.
I love how you blame everything on Cathy M. Your head is buried so deep in the sand its amazing you can breath.
I am sure you support cantwell and murrary on their voting to let the UN dictate certain gun laws in this and other countries. Right??

Posted 15 April 2013, 3:19 p.m. Suggest removal

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