New hashtag heralds Ducky Derby hubbub


#WallaTalk will be abuzz at the downtown Starbucks on Monday.

The latest gathering in the “social media mixer” series will be framed around Exchange Club of Walla Walla and its upcoming Ducky Derby.

The hour-long event starts at 8 a.m. Participants will learn more about the Ducky Derby through face-to-face interaction with others gathered at Starbucks, First Avenue and Main Street. In the process, they’ll post information on Twitter and other social media outlets, using the #WallaTalk hashtag. In the process, they’ll build their social network and learn more about best practices in the process, according to an announcement from Achieva Marketing.

Achieva partnered with the Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Walla Walla Foundation to create the #WallaTalk series.

During the event, Exchange Club will sell ducks for this year’s Derby. Those who buy a $5 duck will receive a free house coffee from Starbucks. Those who purchase a $20 duck ticket will receive a free latte. For more details, call 529-8755.

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