Celebrate Earth Day today


April is Earth Month, and Sustainable Walla Walla invites you to check out our website (sustainableww.org) for information on how you can become more eco-friendly.

There are tips for decreasing your energy usage in your home, and information on local community gardens and Walla Walla Gleaners, to increase local food security. Transportation options, including links to carpooling opportunities, are also listed.

Additionally, you’ll find information and links on sustainability efforts of local colleges, the City of Walla Walla, Sustainable Living Center and local businesses. Networking with these organizations provides opportunities to share each other’s creative ideas to promote conservation.

Want to organize curbside recycling for your church, business or multifamily residential complex? You can find that information on our website, as well.

And, for fun, check out the musical talents of City Council member Barbara Clark singing her original songs, “Can’t Throw It Away” (accompanied by a former group of local musicians, The Usual Suspects) and “Did You Bring Your Own Bag?” Barbara also performs the music that accompanies the slideshow on the transportation page.

Earth Day is today and Sustainable Walla Walla is again sponsoring a Citywide Green Commute Challenge. Businesses, churches, schools and organizations are invited to compete for awards and a traveling trophy. Free bus passes are available for individual participants this week.

Happy Earth Month from Sustainable Walla Walla!

Linda Herbert


Sustainable Walla Walla



Igor says...

Hello Dear Friends of the Planet. Here are Igor’s tips for Earth Day:
Use only one square of TP like Cheryl Crow recommends. No one needs more than one square if he/she follows a proper vegan diet.
Or save yer corn cobs. A little twist and yer clean as a whistle.
Mens, use the sink when you take a leak and avoid a flush.
Reverse the "C" and "H" markings on the knobs in your shower. House guests will spend less time showering.
Save the ozone by not bathing and eschewing deodorant. Smell like yourself fool.

Or go European and just wash yer pits and yer privates.

Before spending all yer money on low flow showerheads consider giving nose-plugs to their friends.

Shop at Whole Foods to ensure that you will have no money left after buying groceries for excess consumerism.

Don't buy sweatshop-products from Bangladesh. Sweatshop-products from Honduras are subject to much stricter environmental laws.
Date chubby people in the winter and skinny people in the summer to reduce heating and AC use in your abode.

Carpool with another banger on a different hit to conserve gas when doing a drive by.

Use the freecycle network for used stuff instead of buying new. It's like a free Craigslist without the bizarre sex posts. Not that there’s anything wrong with sex posts.

When planning for a deceased loved one, remember that cremation emits far more carbon than a wood chipper or mummification.

Before maligning "hoarders", remember that they are doing their part to keep garbage out of landfills.

Call in sick to eliminate CO2 emissions occasioned by yer commute to work.

Consider taking the law into yer own hands. Lawsuits and lawyers generate tons of paper and are responsible for the destructions of millions of acres of trees every year.

Getting your news online is greener than reading a newspaper, but it's greenest to just remain completely uninformed.

Join a local environmental group is a great way to meet hippie chicks and . . . never mind.

Buy only ethical investments. You can tell if a fund is eco-friendly if its returns are always outpaced by inflation.

Educate the young about sustainability! They are much easier to brainwash than adults whom are used to conveniences.

Encourage vegetarianism with laws requiring people to listen to the heartbeat of an animal they are about to eat

Support the stoning of motorists who do not buy offset credits to atone for their carbon-based sins.

There are a lot of harmful chemicals in glossy paper, so be sure to always get your porn online

Help balance the power grid load! Wait until after 8pm to use big appliances like dishwashers, dryers and cyber death star lasers.

Posted 22 April 2013, 9:56 p.m. Suggest removal

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