In the Minutes - Pomeroy School Board


Pomeroy School District board members are Ed Sullivan, Lorri Flynn, Teri Mayfield, Bart Gingerich and Paul Ruark. With all present, the board:

FACILITIES: Discussed upgrades to flooring in high school weight room. No action taken.

BUDGETING: Heard report from Superintendent Kim Spacek on next year’s budget, which will be based on an enrollment of 284.5 students, a conservative estimate allowing the district to use any funding from additional students for rainy day purposes. The district’s current enrollment is 306.

POLICIES: Approved revised policies on transportation and heard a first reading of policy on AEDs.

ADMINISTRATIVE STRUCTURE: Approved changing the district’s administrative structure to have one K-12 administrator/superintendent and a part-time lead teacher at each school.

MEETING DATES: Approved board meeting dates for Wednesday, May 7 and Wednesday, May 29 at 7 p.m.


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