Those who waste tax money should be replaced


While our city planners continue to cry they need to collect more taxes just to cover the cost of normal maintenance, they continue with these grand designs that are full of unnecessary and expensive items that we don’t want or need.

Take a look at what they did with Isaacs Avenue with nice looking islands that need continued maintenance and expensive light poles that are lighting empty fields. The planned Walla Walla High School remodel that would make it the envy of most colleges. And the aquatic center with unwanted rides that made it so expensive that not only were new taxes needed to pay for it, but the cost for a one-day pass made it too expensive for the average family to attend.

Now they want to change the design of Rose Street, which will only prove to increase the costs and make it a hassle to drive.

When are these planners going to realize we don’t want our taxes raised to pay for things we don’t want or need?

The people have spoken many times that we want our money spent on improvements to Wa-Hi to be functional without the expensive and unneeded items that make it look pretty. We want our money spent on a functional aquatic center without the expensive rides that most people won’t even use. And we want our money spent to simply repave Rose Street and keep it functional.

When are these planners going to realize we want them to stop thinking of ways to waste our money on things we don’t want? When are we the people going to hold them accountable for how they waste our money?

I say that if they don’t start listening to what we have continued to tell them then we need to replace them with those who will.

Robert Day

Walla Walla


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