Bike event left Main Street empty


My husband and I decided to have breakfast Saturday morning at a downtown restaurant. Due to the “community event” — bicycle races — all streets around the restaurant were closed to through traffic.

We eventually found a parking spot on Rose Street and walked to the restaurant. Main Street was almost completely void of people due to the closure of the street.

I am completely amazed that our City Fathers have such a high disregard for the businesses of Walla Walla. This “community event” had to have cost the businesses on Alder and Main streets a ton of money in lost revenue. I passed Main Street about 2 p.m. again, no people on the street, and again later in the day — no people.

The only bicycles that I saw were two children riding up and down Main Street. I hope that future “community events” will not harm our business owners as did this one.

Beverly Johnson

Walla Walla



mytwocents says...

Yes, the Olive staffed really well.. Anticipating a large amount if people.. Instead, they had to send employees home, and it was a waste of their time and resources, and cost the kids who work there, a days worth of pay... And other businesses??? Probably the same.. Really pitiful Walla Walla

Posted 28 April 2013, 10:45 p.m. Suggest removal

mytwocents says...

The town could have blocked parking on main, and vendors could have come our and set up, and made it a real community event,

Posted 28 April 2013, 10:46 p.m. Suggest removal

sohcammer says...

Is it any surprise?? They're programmed to miss out on sales tax revenue. Just look at the big business that has parked itself in College Place because of bad decision makers in the past.

Posted 30 April 2013, 1:10 a.m. Suggest removal

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