Rose Street vote should be struck down


I saw the Rose Street plan was OK’d by City Council.

Then, reading through the newspaper article, I discovered the approved plan does not resemble, in the least, what the original plan stipulated.

So, once again, the City Council is operating according to the gospel of the City Council, and the rest of us had better just get on board.

Obviously, this ridiculous reconfiguration from the original four-lane street into three lanes with two bike lanes just boggles the minds of people who regularly use good old common sense in their daily lives, absent the City Council, that operates in its own separate space.

I would like to know who is behind this nonsense, and why? It is troubling that the City Council continues to make decisions that are flawed, unreasonable and specifically not approved by the taxpaying public.

The plan was to repave Rose Street, keep the four lanes and save all the trees.

The arguments do not even have the ring of truth to them anymore, such as chopping trees down because of lack of visibility. Try driving down Rose and let all of us know how the trees are affecting visibility

This is unbelievable, to me, considering Walla Walla is known far and wide as the city with all the trees, specifically old trees.

Also, what about all the homes and businesses dumping traffic onto Rose Street all day long? Three lanes will have a negative impact on their ability to enter traffic on Rose Street.

And any revival of what used to be a mall will be pretty much dead with the way the city wants Rose Street.

Lastly, for the City Council to deliberately vote on its own reconfiguration of the Rose Street project, knowing that two Council members were absent who could have potentially swung the vote to against the reconfiguration, is a blatant misuse of power and is wrong.

The vote should be struck down and no vote should be taken until all the City Council members are present.

Also, the taxpaying citizens’ input and/or endorsement should be sought before any project of this magnitude is started and/or changed.

Lee Johnson

Walla Walla



sohcammer says...

Residents of Golden West Estates have started a petition to block removing the 4 lanes. Local business on Rose is considering this also as well as other avenues to keeping the 4 lanes intact.

The City is taking on liability with certain aspects of the design that were previously motorist related(operator liable).

City officials have expressed a willingness to keep it 4 lanes if public pressure continues to increase. What they don't want is to delay the project, because they will lose precious state funding if they do not get this done by the deadline of these grants.

Business is not going to give up on fighting to keep the 4 lanes.

The latest article in the "Perspective" portion of the UB, glazes over and omits alot of the plans design flaws and is very vague about accident data. 70% of the accidents on the 3 year accident report happen between 13th and 9th where there are NO TREES OBSTRUCTING THE ROADWAY!!! The accident that the article refers to where the Police motorcycle had nothing to do with 4 lanes. It had to do with driver error and not using good driving skills. The rest of Rose is basically accident free until you get down to Kenwood Street at the shared turn lane in front of Pizza Hut and the apartment complex.

**We all want to get Rose resurfaced and yes the public overwhelmingly voted Rose as the street that needed the most attention. The public DID NOT ask to have Rose re-designed and lanes removed. The public has overwhelmingly voted(in a UB poll) to the tune of 70% against removing the 4 lane configuration.**

The City needs to do what the public wants, not what a few individuals at Council with an agenda or an Engineering dept. that is too personally involved in the project want. Engineering is being directed by City Council and the City Manager on this one, so I am inclined to put this more on them, rather than Engineering by a long shot.

Posted 28 April 2013, 12:07 p.m. Suggest removal

barracuda says...

Rumor has it that CP (they passed a bond) is going with three lanes as well... That includes all of Rose from Myra to College Ave..... So this might be a moot point... If they are going with the three lanes, WW will most likely go the same way....

Posted 28 April 2013, 12:51 p.m. Suggest removal

mytwocents says...

There is nothing more out there that would require brand new road. Focus on heavily travelled poplar and alder.But really a new street going by an old decrepit mall, is just a slap in the face!!

Posted 28 April 2013, 10:42 p.m. Suggest removal

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