Three lanes will make Rose Street safer


I have read several letters from people who are unhappy with the decision by the City Council to stripe Rose Street for three vehicle lanes, with the center lane being a left-turn lane and bicycle lanes near the curbs.

This type of striping has been shown through research to be safer than the current four-lane striping, as was presented at the City Council meeting when this design was decided upon.

The lanes have to be striped again after repaving, so why not make the street safer?

As for the trees, only a few of the trees would be removed for better visibility for the sake of those driving on the roads that intersect with Rose Street.

I drive, bike or walk along Rose Street daily. I often see people weaving in and out of lanes, passing on the left and right.

When a vehicle is turning left off of Rose Street, the driver following has to stop, or drive around the vehicle by changing to the right lane. This would not happen if there is a center-turn lane.

I believe this design will make for a better flow of traffic.

Although it is legal to ride bikes on the sidewalks of Rose Street, except for downtown, most sidewalks are not wide enough for both bicycles and pedestrians to travel together. Bicyclists or pedestrians have to walk or ride onto rock, dirt or grass to pass each other.

Riding bicycles on the sidewalks, and crossing at intersections make it more difficult for motorists to see them; and a motorist turning off of Rose Street may not look to see that there is a bicyclist traveling along the sidewalk and entering an intersection before turning onto or away from an intersecting street.

In contrast, a bicyclist is easily visible to motorists while riding along a bicycle lane.

One addition to the plan that would enhance safety and keep good traffic flow would be a turnout lane for Valley Transit buses that stop in front of the Rose Street Clinic. There will be congestion when this happens if there is no turnout.

Sharon K. Schiller

Walla Walla



Iopine says...

I have a better idea - make a two lane bike street and divert all vehicle traffic to another avenue. I'm sure that bike traffic is much more important than vehicle traffic for economic reasoning? Rose street being a major arterial street through College Place to the stop light for the Bennington Lake turn most certainly wouldn't be missed? (Sarcasm personified)

Posted 1 May 2013, 6:27 a.m. Suggest removal

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