Hisaw family sets example for others


There are many amazing families and people in Walla Walla, but I would like to draw your attention to Eric and Amy Hisaw.

Eric and Amy are physical education teachers at Walla Walla High School. Eric is also the varsity football coach and varsity track and field coach.

They recently wrapped up their Blue Devil Athletic Development summer program. This year more than 250 students in grades 5-12 participated. The program also featured 20 Wa-Hi students volunteering to help guide the younger students.

The energy Eric and Amy bring to this program is absorbed by all those who participate. This program helps students stay focused on positive activities which makes them less likely to fall victim to the negative pressures young people face each day.

Eric and Amy are great parents to their two school-aged children as well. They are both tireless volunteers. You will often find them volunteering to coach youth teams, organize sports camps and visiting with parents to meet the individual needs of each child.

They are active in the Explorer Program Parent Organization. The Explorer program provides instruction and leadership opportunities for gifted students.

We have all heard the statement, “It takes a village to raise the child,” but not all are willing to live it.

One of my former coaches used to say to our team: “Show me, don’t tell me.” Eric and Amy Hisaw could write on book on this subject, but they wouldn’t because it would draw too much attention to them. Their motto has always been to put others first.

Join me in acknowledging the accomplishments of two of Walla Walla’s finest — Eric and Amy Hisaw.

Mark Higgins

Walla Walla Public Schools

Director of Communications



wwguy7 says...

Very well said. They are a shining example for the youth of WW!

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