Minutes - Waitsburg Council - 8/21/13


Council members are Marty Dunn, Kevin House, K.C. Kuykendall, Karl Newell and Debra Callahan. With all present Wednesday, the council:

STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE: Administered oath of office for high school city council representative Meara Baker.

CAPITAL FACILITIES: Approved capital facilities plan detailing projects the city would like to undertake.

CONSTRUCTION: Approved payment request and supplemental agreement for West 7th Street project.

SOLID WASTE: Approved fee increase of about 15 cents in solid waste collection fee, raising monthly rate from $18.80 to about $19 per month. The increase is approximate and can vary slightly.

HORSE STALLS: Approved agreement with a fairgrounds advisory board allowing the group to do maintenance work and repairs at the fairgrounds horse stalls.

SIDEWALK: Approved sidewalk repair policy.


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