Liberals only care about themselves


Young people today need to think about their futures. Most of you have been taught the wrong information by your teachers and school administrators. Let us look at what you are encouraged to do.

You are told Democrats love you and want you to succeed. But in reality you are being used to support liberals’ inflated lifestyles.

Young students today are told to take out large loans to pay for college degrees, enslaving you with debt and few good job prospects.

Democrats have regulated the economy into recession and shipped most good jobs overseas.

You are then stuck with crippling debt, poor job prospects, while liberal teachers enjoy a privileged lifestyle with tenured jobs and extravagant benefit packages. College teachers enjoy job security while they encourage censorship, anti-American viewpoints and hate against people who disagree with them.

Liberal Democrats have convinced you to support their luxury lifestyles while at the same time stealing your futures.

ObamaCare will soon take more of your money to support aging leftists and pay for their Viagra and Botox treatments. The Democratic Party has imported votes by encouraging illegal immigrants to flood into our country, driving down wages, taking jobs from citizens, reducing opportunities for law-abiding people and increasing crime and taxes to pay for their crimes.

A few of you lucky enough to know the right people might get good jobs in government or other taxpayer-subsidized nonprofits, but I suspect most of you are having a hard time making ends meet. Are you really going to continue to vote for Democrats and support their lifestyles?

Try voting Republican or Libertarian and see your lives improve. I know most of you would rather have a good job and self respect instead of food stamps and subsidized housing.

I encourage everyone to vote no on bond measures and tax increases until our politicians take us seriously. They laugh at us now about how easy it is to convince us to give them money so they can give themselves raises and hire their friends.

Liberals have pretended to care about the working man for a long time, but the truth is now out. They care about themselves and their bank accounts, retirement investments and excess wealth.

Stop giving your money to the government, kick the Democrats out of power.

Greg Sterling

Walla Walla