Dora's named among the country's best for tacos


You don’t have to go far to get one of the country’s best tacos. Turns out, we have them right here in Walla Walla, according to a post by Daily Meal last week.

The online resource for everything food and drink named the vegetable taco at Dora’s Deli as one of the best in America.

In a detailed piece on the 35 best tacos in the country, the veggie option at Dora’s Deli was named No. 11 by Editor Dan Myers.

“Dora’s Deli has two locations in Walla Walla, Wash., one of which is in the back of a bait-and-tackle shop called Worm Ranch. But while that just might be the most unappetizing restaurant name in history, don’t be dismayed,” Myers wrote in his description. “Dora’s vegetable tacos are seemingly simple, but undoubtedly delicious. Corn tortillas, made in-house, are filled with lettuce, tomato, onion, cilantro, shredded mozzarella, rice, beans, avocado, and either a hot or medium salsa, and the ingredients play so well together that it’ll give even meat lovers pause. We don’t know how they do it, but Dora’s has nailed the vegetarian taco.”

Dora’s Deli at the Walla Walla Worm Ranch is at 1186 Wallula Ave., and its deli and convenience store is at 1303 S. Third Ave.

The very best taco, according to the piece, is the fish taco at Ricky’s in Los Angeles. The greatest number of tacos on the list came from Texas, with more than a dozen included from the Lonestar State.

Dora’s Deli was the only representative of the Northwest. For the sake of the list, a taco was defined as “meat or vegetables placed onto a warmed tortilla, with the express purpose of folding it and eating it with one hand.” Authentic Mexican dishes were highlighted, as well as Tex-Mex tacos and some inauthentic but tasty versions.

Only brick-and-mortar taquerias were represented, which meant no trucks, carts or other mobile vendors. More than 200 food writers and “taco authorities” were tapped to list their favorite tacos in the U.S. Their submissions were rounded out with tacos mentioned in best-of lists in print and online, plus personal favorites of Daily Meal, according to the piece. A list of more than 150 tacos was then divided by region. A panel of experts was invited to vote for favorites. From there came the 35.

And just to provide a little evidence that people are passionate about their tacos, the piece included 2012 census data showing that the growing population of Hispanic or Latino residents has had a cultural influence on the taste buds of the masses.


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