Walla Walla church offers itself up as warming center


Walla Walla County Emergency Management has announced that First Congregational Church, 73 S. Palouse St., has volunteered to be a warming center for the Walla Walla homeless from 5 p.m. today to 5 p.m. Sunday due to extreme cold and wind chill warning.

The church has a room with cots and blankets, provided by the Blue Mountain Chapter of the American Red Cross, for the homeless to get out of the freezing weather. It is not a traditional shelter and will not provide meals and shower facilities.



CindyGG says...

Thank you First Congregational Church.

Posted 6 December 2013, 7:18 p.m. Suggest removal

debbiefaye says...

I pray ALL the homeless, especially the ones with children and we can't forget the teenagers, which has it's own large population here in Walla Walla, hear about this wonderful offer from The First Congregational Church. What a Blessing! Thank you First Congregational Church and it's members!

Posted 7 December 2013, 7:50 a.m. Suggest removal

clarkfamily89 says...

The First Congregational Church is amazing and of course the American Red Cross who helped make this happen. Very gracious.

Posted 7 December 2013, 8:55 a.m. Suggest removal

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