White House jobs council is now out of a job


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s high-profile jobs council went out of business Thursday, despite reports that the economy shrank at the end of last year and the unemployment rate virtually the same as it was four years ago when the president first took office.

The White House called the end of the council routine, saying it was meant to last only two years and that it had had notable success. Republicans called it a waste of time, saying it hadn’t even met for more than a year.

Obama created the committee of business leaders from around the country, tasked with coming up with ideas to create jobs, in 2011.

The council met only four times, a record that drew barbs from Republicans.White House press secretary Jay Carney said Obama had implemented many of the council’s suggestions, including a “new initiative to focus on retrofitting government and commercial buildings for energy efficiency” and an “idea to create new construction jobs.”


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