Health scare nets screen time for Walla Walla


Providence St. Mary Medical Center has given another update on the filming that took place at the hospital for the Discovery Channel series “Deadliest Catch.”

You may remember reading last week that a cameraman had followed one of the crew members to Walla Walla after a family member had been injured. With the signing of a patient release form, more details became available Monday.

Local resident Capt. Scott Campbell Jr. had been on a boat in the Bering Sea when he got word that his father, Scott Campbell Sr., had been hospitalized at St. Mary.

The elder Campbell had reportedly developed blood clots in his lungs and leg, believed to be linked to a January fall off a ladder, for which he had received treatment at Oregon Health Sciences University Medical Center. He has since been discharged from St. Mary.

Filming at the hospital concluded last Sunday. According to the St. Mary post on Facebook, a cameraman followed the crew captain home and shot footage at the hospital and other area locations. Junior was to fly back to Alaska and rejoin his crew Monday, the post said.

The new season of “Deadliest Catch” is expected to begin airing in April.


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