Pay off other bonds first


Notice the names of people who write in support of the “new” Wa-Hi School bond. Most are teachers, administrators, relatives and/or close friends of the same. Pay particular attention to the following, then go back and read all of them. I have and discovered that almost none have been written by students. The opinions of over 90 percent of submitted letter writers have been dedicated to saying it’s for the students education or we’re out of room for desks,etc., etc.

Come now, we know that about 350 students are leaving to attend College Place High School. It certainly seems there will be many more available desks.

Once again, please think about the previous published letters. Oh, and it has been opined by faculty (teachers, administration and others) that students have had to be out in the cold and/or hot sun to eat lunch, take a break, study and other “reasons.”

I’ve recently surveyed many students who attended and/or attend Wa-Hi. Guess what nearly all of them told me? They go outside because they want to, not because they have to!

I was also recently advised by a school official when asking him about the “Edison debacle” that I (and others) didn’t understand anything about the Edison School Bond and what was promised or not. That disgusted me.

My strong suggestion is that the citizens of Walla Walla should absolutely vote “no” on the Wa-Hi bond issue! Besides the terrible economy, there are people (retired and poor) who have difficulties paying for rent, food, medicine and bond after bond after bond. Let’s pay those off and then consider a new bond for Wa-Hi.

In the meantime, we can approve some portable heaters and air conditioners while gearing up to replace School Board members, school administration and others who say they are doing a great job, understand the economy, but truthfully — they don’t seem to care! Remember Edison and the new police station, fire station that we won’t get paid off for many years.

I’m voting “no!” Please let your voices be heard loud and clear on the ballots. It’s time for new faces and common sense for our county, community and school officials!

Michael Donovan

Walla Walla



Iopine says...

An exceptional letter and totally agree - it's also pretty sad to base another tax on the backs of children. Greed knows no bounds but it certainly thrives very well in Walla Walla.

Posted 7 February 2013, 6:54 p.m. Suggest removal

Doceo says...

Mr. Donovan, I suspect that teachers and administrators would have some of the most objective observations regarding the state of the school. I concede that there will be surplus furniture when the CP students leave the system. There will be more worn out 50 year old desks from which to choose. I urge you to visit the high school and take a close look. I am certain you not find a collection of uncaring employees.

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fatherof5 says...

I see four points in this letter: 1) kids like eating outside; 2) other bonds should be paid off before approving new ones; 3) we should buy some "portable heaters and air conditioners" for Wa-Hi; and 4) many of the people advocating for this bond are involved in education.

Let's look at these....

1) We all like eating outside in September, April and May, when the weather is nice. However, the average high temperature over the past couple of months as been in the mid-30s...and this has been a mild winter. Are you telling me that an acceptable cafeteria plan should include students eating outside in a typical Walla Walla winter? Really? That's your plan?

2) I can't speak to the fire and police department bonds, but a typical school bond is 10-20 years in length to keep it affordable. With ten schools in Walla Walla, it would take 100 years to remodel or rebuild each school if we waited for each bond to be retired - assuming they were 10-year bonds. With 20-year bonds, a school built by Thomas Jefferson would be ready for its first remodel just about now. Seriously. That's just math. You want each school to wait 100-200 years between remodels?

3) You are proposing space heaters and portable air conditioning units for 100+ classrooms? Really? I don't see any safety concerns there, do you? And you want the taxpayers to pay that monthly power bill?

4) If, as you say, the majority of letter writers are folks who work in or around our schools, then they are the ones who know what the issues are. Their jobs are to educate kids. They live that mission. In my mind, the fact that they are advocating for this bond gives it more credibility. Several Wa-Hi teachers opposed the 2006 bond for various reasons, but they support this one. Would you propose that we listen to folks like them, or like you, who advocate buying more space heaters?

Posted 7 February 2013, 9:21 p.m. Suggest removal

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