Lawmakers must feel entitled to ‘extra starch’


I read the Union-Bulletin’s editorial about what I have dubbed “Laundry Gate.” Those silly legislators in Olympia. Now they want us to pay for their dry cleaning, private telephone lines, etc.

I had been researching the same information to write my own letter to the editor!

Yes, it is legal for them to do this but I have questions (don’t I always!). Aren’t these the same people who used words such as “responsible government” and “family values” in their campaign literature?

I wish they could explain how it is responsible for them to cut service hours to the elderly and the infirm so they can have their nice clothes pressed? What kind of family values allow you to get “extra starch” when others are making the decision between medications and groceries?

I have a theory I call the “Marie Antoinette Syndrome.”

How it works is this: Tell the electorate anything, wrap it in the flag and family values, they’ll buy it! Once you get the $42,000 a year job (plus whatever you make on your day job), you’ve got it made, you are entitled to the good life. They owe you for your unselfish service.

You can bet there won’t be a one of them who pays back any of that money.

It almost seems like they aren’t saying, “Let them eat cake,” they are blatantly saying, “Eat my shorts!”

In all fairness, I was happy to see that there were no “local names” in the list outside of Brad Klippert from the Tri-Cities.

Bruce McCutcheon

Walla Walla


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