NRA rhetoric is insulting


It is sad to hear the cavalier attitude of the NRA preying on the emotions of a clearly upset nation. It’s insulting to hear the executives of NRA talk about comic book depictions of “Bad Guys vs Good Guys.”

The NRA might be better driven to begin an aggressive campaign on gun owner responsibilities and safety. But their first line of attack is to fan the flames of fear that guns will be confiscated. Why is licensing, registration and comprehensive background checks a threat to owning an firearm?

When I was a teenager, I belonged to a girls’ team of target shooting with .22s. I loved it. Great emphasis was placed on safety, responsibility and the care of our equipment. We had it drilled into us to respect other peoples’ property.

In no way would we use our rifles to intimidate another person. We certainly didn’t practice being an accurate shot by using a target shaped to look like a human. It was circles with a big black center.

Lately, we have seen on TV, young men openly and inappropriately parading in public family spaces with assault rifles slung over their shoulders. They say that they are demonstrating their right to bear arms. Is this the NRA message to its members? Really?

Personally, I would look at those individuals as weak, insecure and a bit unstable. The message they portray is intimidation.

Other than law enforcement and the military, I wonder why the average person needs to heft an assault rifle containing many bullets? An assault rifle is not a target precision weapon. An assault rifle for hunting strafes an animal with multiple bullets that surely will ruin the meat and may only maim the animal and insure a painful death.

The constitutional right to bear arms is one thing. The hysterical right to carry guns around openly seems a bit much.

Is that person just looking for someone who qualifies for an armed confrontation? More guns available for the kinds of people who have killed is not the answer.

I don’t have an answer. I just feel sad to see Americans react with a “shoot ’em up attitude” to a complex problem.

Joyce Anderson

Walla Walla



pdywgn says...

It was drilled into you to respect other peoples property? So what is your profound delusional interest in my weapons or what type of rifle I prefer to take to the range. Or for that matter what type of paper target I prefer to use? When you say an assault rifle is not a target precision weapon are you saying that the AR-15 is not accurate. Most Ar style sights are accurate to within .97th of an inch at 200 yards and the heft as you call it is around 8.5lbs fully loaded. By the way the military designates the M-16, the military version of the AR-15 as a point of aim, point of impact weapon meaning if you put it on a secure bench it will fire one round on top of the other unless outside influences are involved such as wind.

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pdywgn says...

Civilian models of the M-16, Ak-47, etc. do not have strafe capability and around 20 years ago the selector switch for the M-16 was even changed to three round burst to increase accuracy and ammo conservation in a firefight. The semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 have the benefit of a quicker follow-up shot on the animal then say a bolt action. In other words if you are aiming at the heart and the animal moves or you just miss and need a hasty follow-up to prevent the prey from crawling away then you don't want to be working a bolt and trying to re-aquire the target. Semi- autos correct that deficency and ultimately may show more mercy then having a gut shot animal suffer a prolonged death.

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Iopine says...

I have an answer - it takes an irrational person to write such a letter - the suggestions made by the NRA is actually being utilized now but without getting any credit! Schools are hiring armed security even in gun-free zones. Google up the city of Chicage (which has some of the strictist gun control laws) and see what they have patrolling there schools.

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