Moms' Network seeks to beef up family bonds


The Lostine Cattle Company is bringing the importance of family meals to the table through a new partnership with The Moms’ Network.

The all-natural, grass-fed beef company owned by Chris Figgins is the main sponsor for the The Moms’ Network’s latest endeavor — a movement to endorse the family meal as a way to strengthen bonds and guide children to better decision-making.

Children who spend more time with their families at the table are less likely to smoke, drink, battle depression or develop eating disorders, according to information in the announcement.

“We also understand at the same time that the planning, shopping, prepping and getting the meal on the table is one of the main challenges that face all moms, working or not,” said Beth Swanson, president of The Moms’ Network. “Our goal with this new program is to provide education, recipes and ideas that will assist moms with this process.”

The program includes recipes, which have already been a featured highlight since January for members of the network. Next month will kick off another component: cooking demonstrations.

The first of three cooking courses using Lostine Cattle Company beef will take place March 9. The event will take place at Walla Walla Community College’s Center for Enology and Viticulture, where guest speaker Lynne Curry will present six family recipes. Curry is a vegetarian-turned-beef-expert who wrote the cookbook “Pure Beef.” Those in attendance will receive a signed copy of her cookbook, be part of the discussion and sample each dish paired with College Cellars wines. The cost is $50 per person, with tickets available through the network.

The second in the series will be March 23 with chef and community college Culinary Arts Director Dan Thiessen, who will provide 10 recipes using ground beef and demonstrate preparation and cooking of two of the recipes.

The third event will take place in early summer at a time to be announced.

Representatives of the Lostine Cattle Company will be at the events to answer questions and offer beef.

For more details, contact Swanson at 301-7471 or or Carlye Knowles, manager of the Lostine Cattle Company at 522-9801 or


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