Key Tech's latest device is a good sort


Key Technology has unveiled a new product that will help with the development of its sorting systems.

The Walla Walla manufacturing firm announced its new state-of-the-art hyperspectral imaging spectrometer. The “Product Definer” is part of the move from traditional optical sorting to digital sorting.

It allows the company to develop a uniquely detailed understanding of the physical and physiological characteristics of customers’ products, defects and foreign material, according to an announcement. Unlike the single point spectrometers traditionally used, Key’s Product Definer gathers data from thousands of wavelengths simultaneously, capturing images from the visible range and far beyond, the release explained. The Product Definer also collects data about objects’ fluorescence. The images are saved for a spectral library of objects’ unique signatures and fingerprints, the company said.

The technology is expected to speed up Key’s ability to tailor sorting systems for specific characteristics of each product and optimize sorting performance for the customer.

“Investing in the most sophisticated Product Definer available allows us to do the most thorough rapid prototyping — knowledge that we use to define the ideal combination of cameras and lasers for each customer, and develop the next-generation of sorters,” said Marco Azzaretti, optical product manager at Key Technology, in a statement.


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