Proposed gun control bill won’t work.


Is everyone aware that Rep. Maureen Walsh, R-College Place, and one other Republican on the west side of the state are the only two Republicans who are voting with the Democrats for additional gun control?

They say HB 1588 is “closing the gun show loophole” but read the bill. The legislation would tax you to transfer a gun to your son or daughter. It would tax you to sell a gun to your neighbor.

The bill wants a background check done by the sheriff’s office or police of any gun transfer not between dealers and a fee up to $20 to be paid for the trouble of the background check by the law enforcement agency. Trust me, that fee will not cover the time for our law enforcement agency clerks to be doing background checks when they are already busy. I guess taxpayer dollars can add staff to our local agencies.

Guess what, a criminal who wants a gun will be stealing yours just like he has already been doing. He is not going to buy one. And if you think that a thief who sells his stolen gun to another thief is going to come in for a background check you don’t live in reality.

The only thing this bill will do is stop law-abiding citizens from being able to purchase guns from each other if they are not willing to pay the tax. Oh, and the $20, that is only the fee. You also get to take time off work to get to the law enforcement agency during business hours for the check, spend your gas and be inconvenienced — all because of a new law that only effects you, not the criminals.

I have been to lots of gun shows and most of those selling are dealers and the few who are not are selling grandpa’s gun collection. Your local criminal is not getting his gun there. He will get it from you or your neighbor after you leave for vacation.

He is not getting it from the ad in the paper. The last guns I saw for sale were old lever actions. And let’s be real, he certainly won’t care about another law for he already breaks all the laws.

What this bill does is simply more government control, more government taxes!

Gary Bolster

Walla Walla



wallawallabob says...

I'm not a gun owner, but I agree with you Gary.
I feel these Legislators that have rolled over for all the special interest groups to get votes need to start working toward saving our children and future with legislation that will help to put children in homes with two parents. Our prisons are full of kids that did not have both parents in the home! Our military is strugling with under educated young men who have trouble taking orders from men that were afforded an education and are leaders on the ranks! LEGISLATORS we need to help! STOP THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA!

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usnmustang says...

In that Walsh is a "RINO" it is not surprising that she is such a radical "Legislature!" A Republican (Conservative) would have better sense and not be swayed by a bunch of non-thinking Liberal (Donkey's)!! Gun's are not the problem, it is the legal system that should be blamed. Law enforcement, legal prosecution, legal defense, media and the PC crowd should accept responsibility for all and any shooting death's.


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justme says...

I also agree with Mr. Bolster. I have given firearms as gifts to my children, as many of us had been given firearms by our parents. Will the State put in money to hire office personal to help with the paper work of the transfer? I doubt it. But I guess what I would see as really unnerving, is seeing people carry all sorts of firearms into the Sheriff’s office or police station to have the serial numbers checked. That will give the heebie-jeebees to law enforcement. I believe the vote is Wednesday. Calling Rep. Walsh and voicing my opinion, will be done tomorrow.

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barracuda says...

Great Letter from a Walla Walla County Deputy Sheriff.

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chicoli says...

The WW County Deputy Sheriff is a Government employee who receives a check from the tax payers money, from republicans, democrats and independents alike. Government, which he despises, works base on the will of the people after electing its representatives. This time we Democrats won. Our County Deputy Sheriff, as a public servant, represents all of us regarding his private political persuation. Rep. Maureen Walsh is a courageous public figure who represents all of us in our community, regardless of our party's incline. Our citizens can always vote against her without vilifying her integrity. She will get my vote, though!

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carcrazy says...

I'm confused, are you saying that a citizen who happens to work for the Sheriff of this county can't voice his opinion? Also, you say that he despises government, but I did not read that opinion anywhere in his letter. He did make reference to more government control and more government taxes, but I read that to mean he is against unreasonable control and taxes: AS WE ALL SHOULD BE!

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chicoli says...

Well, I was not aware that that many guns are taken by criminals when you, responsible gun owners, go on vacation! Bad guys get their guns from good guys? On the other hand it is a well known fact that 40% of gun sales at gun shows go without a background check, mostly at close-to-the-border states. Straw purchases are notoriously common, and in plain view at gun shows parking lots. Money talks, and many unscrupulous gun dealers find a way to sell anything with a trigger to anyone with dirty money. Mr Bolster's letter with a civil style is appreciated, though...not so Mr usnmustang's insulting comments, shamefull for a USNR!

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carcrazy says...

Paco, you sure like to belittle writers who don't agree with you. In the short time you have been commenting here on the U-B forum, you have become quite the internet bully. Shameful indeed.

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tpeacock says...

Yes, but his comment regarding usnmustangs post was fair and accurate. Probably one of the most dreadful changes I have seen over the past 10-20 years is this pathetic name calling that goes on when a person disagrees with another. Add to that too many want to start throwing punches, or even worse, pull out a firearm, is it any wonder things are going into the toilet?
We can never expect everyone to agree on anything, nor can we expect a majority to make sense or even use common sense, but the dumbing down of the entire World is happening before our very eyes, and frankly I don't see that slowing down or reversing.
These posting sites are such a convenient place for name calling and trash talking (trolling) because it's too easy to hide behind keybaords and pseud names, and in my opinion one of the breeding grounds for the dumbing down effect.

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chicoli says...

Carcrazy, you just cannot wait for the next day UB to harper in a "stormy" way on others opinions. Why don't you come up with ideas of your own and contribute to the debate in a civil way? You keep on trying to drag the discurse to a level we should avoid. I present information and you and others have the right to debate. Please debate, if you can... if not, shut up!

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carcrazy says...

I say again, "Internet bully"!

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garylcasey says...

Absolutely agree with Mr. Bolster! Great letter, to the point and accurate! Have already emailed and talked to Ms Walsh and Mr Nealy. Happy to say that Mr. Nealy is opposed to HB 1588 and has stated that, if the bill is presented for a vote, he will vote against it!

I also find it interesting that people who are privy to so many 'well known facts', have apparently not presented those 'well known facts' to the proper legal authorities for prosecution. After all, the real problem seems to be a lack of enforcement of the laws already on the books.

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writewinger says...

I too contacted Reps Walsh and Nealey as well as Sen Hewitt re HB 1588. Was not too concerned about Rep Nealey's position but have heard nothing from Rep Walsh which doesn't surprise me since she is one of the sponsors of the Bill. I did hear from Sen. Hewitt who is opposed to additional gun laws but favors possible improvements in the root causes of violence caused by circumstances behind the gun...which makes a lot more sense. I viewed the videos of the public hearing held last week and found it unfortunate that presenters were given only 2 minutes to state their case. With all the activity of committee members taking place during the hearing, it appeared to me they have all pretty well made up their minds and the hearing was just a politically correct feel good type process. If you really want to get your dander up about legislative gun control proposals, take a look at SB 5737. It is downright scary/concerning and the Original Bill has actually been corrected to remove a provision in it that would have permitted the Sheriff to conduct an inspection of ones home to ensure you were in compliance with aspects of their proposed so-called Assault Weapons laws. That would have applied to virtually anyone owning any type of semi-auto firearm and as I understand it, anything with a removable magazine. One of the sponsors said he had not read the bill and another one said having that language in the bill was a....Mistake! It is just proof that us law abiding gun owners have every right to be concerned about registration/confiscation as there are those who will not be satisfied until....only the Criminals/Bad Guys have guns.

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tinstar says...

Ms Walsh needs to wake up. Her proposal is not solving any issues what so ever. What it will do is create another burden on law enforcement thru out the state. I hope the folks in Olympia, are smart enough to axe this proposal.

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chicoli says...

More statistics I ivite you guys to agree or disagree with but, please present your data!
1. Ten percent(10%) of the guns used in crimes by juveniles were sold at gun shows and flea markets.
2. 63% of private sellers sold guns to purchasers who said they could not pass a background check. Buyers don't even have to show identification.
3. No background checks are required by unlicensed sellers.
4. 50 t0 75% of the vendors at most gun shows are unlicensed dealers.
5. There are an estimated 4,000 gun shows that take place annually across the nation in convention centers, school gymnasiums, fairgrounds and other facilities paid for and maintained with taxpayer money. A lot of us resent the use of our money for these events.
5. If paying 20 dollars for a background check prevents a criminal from murdering just one American child, this action is a worthwhile one.

I respect the right to bear arms but doing nothing after knowing that 30,000 Americans are killed by fire arms a year, is not acceptable.

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Iopine says...

Paco - you want data from the rebuttal of your so-called stats but where is the printed data from your claims of percentages.

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PearlY says...

paco1234, following your numbered points:

1 - juveniles can't buy guns at any gun show I've ever heard of, and most states already have laws banning sales to minors. So the juveniles you speak of got their guns illegally or from friends and family. This bill won't touch that.

2. Someone polled all gun purchasers from private sellers and got 63% of them to admit they illegally bought a gun? I know criminals are stupid, but are THAT many of them THAT stupid?

3. Yes, if I sell a gun to my neighbor, I don't get a background check. Just like I can sell my car, a 5-gal. jug of gasoline, a baseball bat, a set of chef's knives, or a van full of diesel and fertilizer without reporting to the government. Why pick on only one of those purchases? They're all dangerous.

4. The Dept of Justice last decade found that most of the sales at gun shows were by licensed dealers. How many unlicensed sellers are there matters less than how many guns they sell.

5. Gun-owners are taxpayers, too, and have just as much right to use public facilities rented out for events as any other law-abiding group. I resent some uses of my tax money too, so I hear you, but we both have to suck it up.

5. (sic) "If paying 20 dollars for a background check prevents a criminal from murdering just one American child . . . ." Can you cite one single instance in which a child was murdered with a gun legally purchased by the shooter from a private seller? I doubt it. But we could guarantee to save the lives of hundreds of children if we slowed the maximum speed limit on all roads and highways to 10 MPH. We could save dozens of children's lives if we passed zoning laws requiring full-time lifeguards at all pools, public AND private. We could save lots of children's lives if we compelled vaccinations regardless of parental objections, banned children's sports activities which occasionally result in fatal injuries, etc. I'm sure you see my point - you don't advocate those measures, do you?

There are very few deaths of children (speaking here of pre-15 year olds) from gunfire. Each is a tragedy, but this bill will do nothing about them. Most are caused by gang shoooters with bad aim or careless parents. The school shootings were not done with guns purchased by the shooters from private sellers.

No one advocates "doing nothing." The NRA has long advocated safety education for children and adults, strong enforcement of existing gun laws barring certain individuals from buying guns, and other rational measures to reduce gun casualties. Do you realize that the Obama Justice Department actually ARRANGED and coerced gun dealers to enter into straw purchaser transactions in its Fast and Furious program, and has practically abandoned efforts to prosecute unqualified buyers who are caught trying to buy guns? There's plenty to do, that doesn't involve trampling the rights and interests of law-abiding citizens.

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PearlY says...

Sorry about the weird renumbering that appeared when I posted this.

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chicoli says...

No big deal, Pearl! We all make little mistakes here and there!

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baldeagle says...

Well stated. Don't forget about SB 5737 which would required a once-a-year visit to the home of anyone with a legally-owned "banned" gun to be sure it is safely stored. The sheriff has already stated he needs more money and manpower. How would he be able to carry out this mandated illegal search?

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campbell_rd says...

I heard the best analogy yet on the gun legislation issue. Outlawing guns because we have Police is like outlawing fire extinguishers because we have Fireman.

We already have laws to keep legal citizens honest. What sense is there in making new (knee jerk) laws when the criminals will break the laws no matter what new law is enacted. New laws only hurt honest citizens in this case. If we keep outlawing guns like England and many other countries, the crime will go up. History proves this fact over and over again!

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writewinger says...

I had an Email message from Rep. Walsh this P.M. She advised that she was initially misinterpreting the purpose and after further evaluation of the impact of HB 1588 on law abiding gun owners and the fact it would do little, if anything, to curtail gun activity by criminals, she has reversed her position on this bill and Will Not be supporting it. That is fortunate and hopefully others who don't really seem to understand the ramifications of passage and implementation of some of these proposed gun control laws will also come to the realization they will do nothing but have negative effects on everyone except the criminals and those who choose to find a way to do harm to others. Not to mention creating an enforcement nightmare for Law Enforcement. Unrealistic Bills like HB 1588 and SB 5737 Should Not Be Passed!

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pdywgn says...

Don't ever challenge Paco-1234, he is the all knowing non shooting expert on all that does not relate to guns, other than he was an expert in the Air Force as a Psychiatrist in charge of Paper Towels and other items relating to flight equipment and sanitary conditions in flight and throughout the base!!

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chicoli says...

pdywgn, you are jumping to conclusions in the the self interest to sound dismissive and to hide behind the ignorance of not having ideas of your own, and without presenting them for public scrutiny. Instead you preffer to drag the discourse to a low level where you appear to feel very comfortable. Your sarcasm should not have a place in this media. Please do yourself a favor and and stay away from exposing your lack of curiosity and your poor civility.

I joined the Air Foce a s an enlisted in 1958. After my first tour I came back as an Officer as a Family Practice MD for many years. After many years as a Family Doctor I became a Flight Surgeon but still remained as a Family Doctor doing both specialties. Then I trained to be a Psychiatrist but still was able to perform in all my specialties. I then worked at the Aerospace Research Laboratories, Wright Patterson AFB doing medical research in Aviation Medicine. I was deployed on many military missions, including war scenarions. I'm very proud of having served my country in a noble persuit. Any one who ridicule this for the shear purpose of their selfish interest in camouflaging their lack of originality is a cheap shot expert, indeed.

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carcrazy says...


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Iopine says...

paco - I hate to sound ignorant but maybe after this last post you should probably see a Psychiatrist for a little help?

Posted 22 February 2013, 6:21 p.m. Suggest removal

pdywgn says...

paco- Just because you use a word that you know in a sentence does not mean that you are showing some sort of superior intelligence. In regards to the subject at hand I have a solution called enforce the laws already on the books and deal with the mentally ill. By the way what type of armor does a scenarian wear?

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