It’s time for change in leadership


I’ve grown extremely disgusted with the so-called leadership in our school district, library system and city.

My disgust is directed toward the recent Walla Walla High School bond and the people whom I believe have used unreasonable tactics and methods to force us to vote “for” the measure. A recently published letter from David Hampson stated, Wa-Hi bond is filled with extreme costs and excessive “wants.”

I believe most “wants” were cooked up by the School Board, administration, teachers and a few others who also probably helped with the Edison “debacle.” (I have a different word for it.) I completely agree with what Mr. Hampson wrote, except for putting together another bond. The economy is terrible, so let’s pay off the other bonds first. It’s time for new School Board members and administration! Let’s seek some common-sense folks who are without country-club mentalities and a failure to understand the meaning of a “poor economy.”

One other thing I might mention to folks is about the “healthy foods” the school leadership talks about in radio and news ads. There is a lunch item called a “zombie.” Please ask your children or grandchildren to bring one home for you to try. It is a big hunk of dough, cooked with a big hunk of cheese inside. I have a friend whose child brought one home. I was visiting and had the opportunity to try a couple bites. I thought it was tasty but I wouldn’t eat a whole one. Healthy? Not at all, from what I’ve learned in my life!

Now, the library warfare — it’s absolutely laughable! It’s kind of like the farmers market downtown — some want to be in charge and some want to instigate. I’m sure common-sense folks will understand that it’s just another debacle, one that wouldn’t happen with down-to-earth people who seek common-sense solutions and take care of most difficulties with prior planning and considerate action.

The Walla Walla City Council? Time for change folks.

Once again, everybody wants to be in charge, most have been there far too long and others put aside responsibilities to devote their time to self-promotion and desire to run for office. Rubber stamp absences from our city leaders? I’m insulted!

As for Shane Laib, it does appear he is too involved in other activities (City Council, Republican politics and Olympia).

Barbara Clark? Hammering others to the media while promoting oneself is not fair to the citizens.

Perhaps a RINO or two on Council also.

Michael Donovan

Walla Walla



Iopine says...

Thank you Mr Donovan - I couldn't have said it better myself. Not everyone in the Walla Walla area owns big money entities and work on a budget which I don't think that some of these people take into consideration.

Posted 19 February 2013, 5:41 p.m. Suggest removal

barracuda says...

It has been a couple of hours since this was posted... And still no letters of rebuttal?

Posted 19 February 2013, 6:13 p.m. Suggest removal

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