Pets rescued from morning blaze


WALLA WALLA — Several dogs were rescued in a fire this morning that claimed the life of at least one family pet.

When firefighters arrived at 925 Olympia Drive around 10:30 a.m., the interior of the residence was fully engulfed. The fire hadn’t yet spread to the basement where six Havanese puppies were trapped.

“They had a pen there and we just took them up and put them in the basket and I handed it to Jeff (Harwood),” firefighter Luke Mohney said.

Harwood carried the puppies in a laundry basket half-filled with clothes and put them safely on the front lawn and returned to the fire.

A neighbor then took over watching the puppies from the house next door.

The mother of the puppies ran off during the fire, as well as a black cat; both were still missing as of this morning.

Another adult female Havanese died in the fire. And one cat had to be taken to a veterinarian.

The home belongs to Mark and Sandra Reavis, who were out of the house when the fire started.

At one point, when the Reavis’ daughter, Nicole, saw the puppies, she noticed two were missing.

A firefighter was called over and told that there still might be two of the litter of six still in residence.

The firefighter reached down in the laundry basked and dug around, only to find two more puppies sleeping under the clothes.

“Oh my God. They are all here,” Reavis exclaimed.

No other injuries were reported.

The home had extensive smoke damage to the interior.

Fire officials said they have yet to determine a cause and are investigating.


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