Court report - Superior Court



Walla Walla County

James D. Taylor, 20, 601 S. 12th Ave., was charged Feb. 19 with five counts of violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act and one count of possession of a dangerous weapon. Taylor is accused of possessing methamphetamine on Feb. 14, using drug paraphernalia on Feb. 14, unlawfully possessing less than 40 grams of marijuana on Feb. 14, knowingly and unlawfully delivering methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of a school bus route stop on Jan. 25 and Jan. 30, and having in his possession a switchblade knife on Feb. 14.

Michael A. Risby, 38, no address available, was sentenced Feb. 11 on one count possession of a controlled substance by a prisoner. The sentence included $200 in court costs, $248.70 in sheriff fees, $500 to the crime victims compensation fund, $775 in attorney fees, $1,000 violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act fee, $500 drug enforcement fund, $100 crime lab and biological fee, 90 days confinement.  On Jan. 28 Risby pleaded guilty to possessing marijuana while a prisoner in a Washington state correctional facility on Aug. 24.

Joseph K. Kreykenbohm, 29, 1129 Portland Ave., was sentenced Feb. 19 on one count each second-degree taking a motor vehicle without owner permission and third-degree malicious mischief. The sentence included restitution of $183.18, $200 in court costs, $62 in sheriff fees, $500 to the crime victims compensation fund, $775 in attorney fees, $100 biological fee, 364 days in the county jail, credit for 71 days served, 293 days suspended. On Feb. 19 Kreykenbohm pleaded guilty to taking a motor vehicle from O’Brien Chevrolet, intentionally driving away or taking away or voluntarily riding in or upon the vehicle with knowledge the vehicle was unlawfully taken, on Dec. 10 and to knowingly and maliciously causing physical damage to the property of another under circumstances not amounting to first- or second-degree malicious mischief, on or about Dec. 10.


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