Etcetera - 2/25/13


Five organizations and students around Athena benefitted recently from funds provided by the Homer and Persephone Watts Trust.

Altogether, $26,000 went to Sunset Housing Inc., Blue Mountain Foundation, Athena Caledonian Games, Triangle Little League and Athena Elementary School. These entities were selected for supporting local needs.

Other funds went to students attending college. Scholarships are awarded to second-year post-graduates of Weston-McEwen High School and go to community colleges and four-year-degree programs at colleges. The application deadline for scholarships is July 1.

The trust has granted more than $940,000 since 1974, and in 2012 it granted more than $33,000.

The trust seeks to assist new students and local organizations. For more details, contact Melvin Schmidtgall, Box 533, Athena OR 97813, 541-566-3578; Merle Mathwich, 259 E. Sherman St., Athena, 541-566-3838; or Ken Bjorklund, Box 666, Athena, 541-566-2391.

Asking “Are We Preparing Our Children for the Changing World? What Resources are Available in our Community to Help Our Children and Families,” The Grandmothers’ Roundtable will look into the subject during a forum at 7 p.m. March 4 at the Walla Walla Community College Conference Center, Room 185. It’s located in the main building behind the dining area.

Members of this non-partisan group have been studying what’s out there to assist families and children birth to high school in the Walla Walla Valley.

Speaking with representatives from various organizations that deal with children, the grandmothers learned about many programs that they were previously unaware of.

WWCC sociology instructor Susan Palmer will moderate the forum and will direct questions from the audience to panel members after their presentations.

Talking about the needs of preschools and how to get them off to a happy, healthy start will be Meagan Anderson-Pira, who is Walla Walla community director for Children’s Home Society. She’s worked 20 years for or in partnership with Head Start, infant/toddler preschool programs and supporting children and families.

A 35-year Walla Walla Public Schools employee who progressed from district administrative clerk to principal, Connie Taylor-Randall will address the needs of school-age children and programs available in the school district. She’s currently principal of Homelink.

Brooke Bouchey, Lincoln High School intervention specialist, will talk about barriers to success children may face.

Juvenile Justice Center Director Mike Bates will talk about its programs for children who have gotten into trouble and need extra help in getting their lives on track.

Contact Pat Yenney at 509-529-6574 for details.


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