Is there ever a time you would use spanking as a punishment?


“ I don’t spank my boys. Usually we try to come up with a compromise after we have heard both sides. This works very well with my 9-year-old. With my 13-year-old unfortunately he gets things such as his phone taken away or is grounded for a weekend. For me I just notice that yelling and spanking justifies for them that its OK to yell and hit back, and that is not the environment I want them to be in.”

Mother of two

“Spanking is hitting and it really is a missed opportunity to connect with your child. It sets the parent against the child and it doesn’t teach the lessons the child needs. There are some really great ideas about how to handle tough situations without spanking found at”

Jennifer, mother of four

“The older I get the less I use spanking. But spanking with communication and not done in anger has made a difference at times. So, yes, I would keep it as one choice among many to discipline with.”

Keiri, mother of four

“Yes. We use it if you are going to hurt yourself or someone else”

Stephanie, mother of two

“Yes, though it always makes me feel bad. Spanking is such a tricky issue because it’s one word for a wide spectrum of physical punishment. Mine is a single swat on the bottom with your hand.”

Sara, mother of three

“NO! I would never use spanking as a form of punishment. It causes the child to feel shame. I have a 19-month-old son, and have raised six other kids, the youngest being 18, and never spanked. We have used redirection, discussion and other techniques that have been very successful.”

Maria, seven children

“No, I would never use spanking.”

Melissa, one child

“Yes spanking can be a very useful consequence when the natural consequence is much worse (ie: running into the street and getting hit by a car). After a spanking is administered, a good explanation of why they received a spank would benefit a more cognitive child. For the most part my son needs very few spanks and after a certain age the effectiveness of the spank goes out the window.”

Sarah, one child


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