Gun control isn't way to stop tragedies


Gun control isn’t way to stop tragedies

I’m always disheartened when the Union-Bulletin insists on printing editorials from the progressive Associated Press. The front page headline was “NRA is silent.”

What did you expect from a reputable organization? Maybe you would have thought they would try to play political football such as some of these politicians.

When the NRA does speak suggesting that putting an armed policeman in schools for safety it gets crucified.

If anyone remembers President Bill Clinton was the first to introduce a bill for $60 million for the safety in schools. The school the President Obama’s daughters go to has armed security! So all we can say is let the hypocrites evolve.

When you consider these tragedies take into consideration the locations. Every one has been in a gun-control or gun-free zone. The people who committed these crimes have been diagnosed with mental challenges.

In the Connecticut tragedy, the parent in the household supplied the guns.

If you would like to control these situations it would be better to apply the laws that are already on the books.

Why did this administration cut funding for school safety? If you want somebody to blame put the blame where it is due.

When you hear about these tragedies why is it not mentioned that all of the massacres are in areas that have strict gun controls? Chicago has more shootings and homicides in a month than any other place in America. New York, Los Angeles and multiple other cities have strict gun control and crime runs rampant.

I would much rather be able to defend myself than suffer the consequences from some deranged individual or individuals waiting for the police to arrive.

If you want to help someone look at the mental health and child safety issues that have been put on the back burner. Let’s ignore the real serious issues and dwell on scapegoats of these issues so some people are not offended. Never mind the importance of the economy and jobs because we just might relieve some of the stress issues.

When the president, politicians, Mayor Bloomberg and these illustrious celebrities seeking gun control discharge and fire their armed security I would give thought to giving up my guns. But until then I wouldn’t even think about it.

Myron Wallmow

Walla Walla


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