Second day, first baby

Jayden Croy’s arrival today appears to make him the first baby of the new year in the Valley.


WALLA WALLA — He waited until the second of January, but everything else is first about Jayden Marshall Croy.

Born today at 2:02 a.m., the 8-pound, 20-inch boy is a first child for Tiffany Throckmorton and Blake Croy.

While the chubby-cheeked infant arrived nearly on time — his due date was New Year’s Day — his birth comes after nearly a decade of uncertainty for his mom.

Tiffany, 31, suffered two miscarriages in her early 20s, she said from her room at Providence St. Mary Medical Center. “So you think, ‘Am I ever going to be a mom?’ My best friend, Vanessa, has four boys, so I just kind of played aunt all these years.”

Throckmorton and Blake, 32, were taken completely by surprise when the pregnancy test came up positive, she recalled, and both decided coming to Walla Walla was the right move. Throckmorton, most recently of Portland, spent her teen years here and graduated from McLoughlin High School in Milton-Freewater in 1999. Blake grew up in the Seattle area.

Her pregnancy went very well, but Jayden apparently decided to change things up at the last minute. Labor was 26 hours long, Throckmorton said with a wry note in her voice. “Yeah, it was a long day.”

But nothing could dim the moment as Dr. Jake Kaminsky of Walla Walla Clinic delivered her child. “Yesterday was one of those surreal, out-of-body experiences, I just burst into tears.”

Her baby looks “a lot” like his mom’s baby pictures, but sporting more hair, she added. Jayden also weighed in heavier — with “a little tummy already” — than health providers predicted, Throckmorton said with a laugh. “He must have really liked that peanut butter toast. I’m not a peanut butter eater normally, but I couldn’t get enough of it.”

The couple is looking forward to watching their son find his passions early, they said. Their biggest hope for his future is that Jayden is always content, his dad noted. “Just to be happy.”



jkhowell0803 says...

What a great 'First Photo'!! I love how Matthew captured the look of love these first time parents are feeling with their newborn son! Great job UB for posting a great photo of the Walla Walla's First baby of 2013!

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