Football fans shouldn't have to endure drunks


The high consumption of alcohol and a reduction in civility is taking the enjoyment out of going to professional -- even college -- football games.

This is a trend that's been escalating for years.

But it hasn't been a problem in the Pacific Northwest -- until now.

In years past the fans at Seattle's CenturyLink Field -- home of the Seahawks -- were typically enthusiastic and loud but also fun and friendly.

Sadly, this drunken boorishness seems to be escalating in Washington state. Perhaps that's because law enforcement and security personnel look the other way too often when rules on drinking are bent.

A couple of weeks ago, at the Seahawks' Sunday night game against San Francisco, too many people were rude, belligerent, physically threatening or worse.

The bad behavior is not yet out of hand. It is estimated 50 to 75 people are given the heave-ho at a Seahawk game. With a crowd of 67,000, that's not an outrageous number.

Still, it's a sign of creeping boorishness -- and not just at CenturyLink. The recent victory by the WSU Cougars in the Apple Cup at Pullman was tarnished by horrible behavior in the fans' post-game celebration on the field. One person went so far as to sucker punch a UW Husky player, Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

We are better than this. It's time for some people to take a look in the mirror and start acting like responsible adults at games.

When fans go to professional or college football games (and pay big bucks to do so) they should be able to cheer their team on without being subjected to bad behavior by drunken fools.



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