Now is time to invest in our community


Walla Walla High School is one of the most valuable assets we have in this community. It is where nearly all of our local students converge for what is hoped to be the launching pad for a successful and fruitful adult life.

This community continues to invest in these students, as evidenced by regularly passing levies for operations and bonds for improvements to facilities.

In the past several years this community has graciously approved bonds to improve facilities in our elementary schools. The bond to revitalize Sharpstein is now off the tax roll and the bond for Edison will fall off just a few years after the proposed revitalization of Wa-Hi is complete.

The teachers and staff at Walla Walla High School are also part of this most valuable asset. They provide invaluable lessons, experiences and support to our students. They have families of their own who are able to enjoy and appreciate our great community. The economic value they provide is enormous, which can be seen as they purchase goods and services in Walla Walla.

Now is the right time to make another strategic investment in our students, teachers and community.

We know for certain the only direction borrowing and constructions costs will move is up. We know deploying contractors one time reduces the negative impact to the school environment.

This is the right project because it provides the needed improvements to continue and expand the outstanding accomplishments of our high-performing students and staff without the multiple years of phased-in projects. Please take this opportunity to vote "yes" for the Walla Walla High School bond on Feb. 12, 2013.

Craig Sievertsen

Walla Walla



barracuda says...

Lets wait..... untill Edison bond is paid off.... VOTE NO!

Posted 4 January 2013, 8:11 p.m. Suggest removal

fatherof5 says...

Mr. Sievertsen makes a good point that costs will only go up the longer this is delayed. We live in a great community, and that greatness is measured, in part, by how well it supports its kids, whether it is through 4-H livestock auctions at the fair, or by passing its levies and bonds. I'm proud to live in Walla Walla.

Posted 4 January 2013, 10:37 p.m. Suggest removal

wallyworldguy says...

fatherof 5, That's like saying I only have $300 a month to spend on a new car but this new Cadillacs on sale for $530 month so I better go ahead and buy it now.
Your way of thinking is what's got this country in the mess it's in right now spend spend spend and don't worry about how much money you have.

Posted 6 January 2013, 9:58 a.m. Suggest removal

fatherof5 says...

The difference is that a new Cadillac is a luxury. The issues facing Wa-Hi are real, and they are bleeding the district financially and limiting the educational potential of our students. The issues have to be addressed. If not now, then later. My point is that "later" will be more expensive....and in the meantime, more kids miss out.

Posted 6 January 2013, 1:35 p.m. Suggest removal

Iopine says...

Not to be ridiculous but who forced these people to have the children and through there conceiving the rest of the public are supposed to cripple budgets to the supposed happiness of a few? If these people are so obsessed to rebuild take the students and charge a tuition from each and every one and I will be glad to vote OK if it doesn't affect my current dismal finances!

Posted 6 January 2013, 2:25 p.m. Suggest removal

Use.Wisdom says...

Namvet, I believe one of the great things that sets America apart from other nations is our educational system. Education is the paramount responsibility of our state government, and our federal laws require we educate every single child. It is illegal to charge tuition for a public education. I'm proud of this. Your parents were not charged for your education, and you were not charged for your children's education (assuming your family took advantage of public education).

Every generation provides for the next in some way. Schools, roads, courthouses, veteran's hospitals, police, firefighters, etc...

Senior citizens struggling financially might qualify for a tax deferral, and it is my great hope every senior needing this help takes advantage of it.

Posted 6 January 2013, 7:57 p.m. Suggest removal

Iopine says...

As I stated on another post - we currently have a school bond and the taxes of Local, State & Federal taxes are going to the education and when your economy is stagnant it is time to quit spending and let some people get back on there feet before slamming another bond at them. It seems the only increase in wages are in the Public Union and government sectors and I'm not talking about Police and Firefighters because it seems like everyone likes to throw them two in. They are not the only ones that are in this sector. How about curtailing the amount of money being doled out to illegal immigrants and now trying to put millions of new so-called amnesty for them. As I have stated before get out of that tunnel and look at the broader outlook and where this country is heading and I suppose you don't think this current deficit affects the citizens of Walla Walla and your children, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren!

Posted 7 January 2013, 6:30 a.m. Suggest removal

fatherof5 says...

Another portion of Mr. Sievertsen's letter I appreciate is that this bond tackles these issues at Wa-Hi in a condensed period of time without, as he puts it, "the multiple years of phased-in projects." No one wants to see 5-10 years of ongoing construction on that beautiful campus with the accompanying noise and disruption. I appreciate the wisdom of getting it done in one shot.

Posted 9 January 2013, 10:14 p.m. Suggest removal

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