Emergency Services - 01/11/13


Information is compiled by the Union-Bulletin staff from the official logs and records of the agencies listed below. Readers with any information on these or other crimes should call the local police or county sheriff’s department. By law, victims of crimes may request through law enforcement agencies that their names not be released to the media.

Thefts, Burglaries

WW County Sheriff

  • Columbia School District administrative office, 755 Maple St, Wednesday 1:26-3:39 a.m. Suspect broke into offices through window, rifled through drawers and cabinets and took bank bag with $300.

MF Police

  • 1000 block of South Main Street, Thursday. Various tools taken.
  • 300 block of Raspberry Loop, Thursday. Various electronics taken.

Umatilla County Sheriff

  • 100 block of East Main Street, Athena, Thursday 5:09 p.m.. Two soda vending machines broken into and $10 in change taken.


WW County Sheriff

  • Deputies recovered a vehicle that was used in a high-speed chase in College Place on Thursday. According to the report, the vehicle reached speeds of 80 mph on College Avenue at around 10:53 p.m. The pursuit was called off by College Place Police because of the high rate of speed. The owner of the vehicle was contacted, who said he had sold the vehicle a while back. The vehicle was found Friday 4 a.m. abandoned at the dead end of North Campbell Road. An attempt was made to contact the new owner, but she could not be reached. The vehicle has been impounded awaiting an owner to claim it.


WW County Sheriff

  • Scenic Loop, five miles from Mill Creek Road, Thursday 11:30 a.m. Vehicle rollover with no injuries.


WW County Sheriff

  • 10600 block of Dodd Road, Tuesday overnight. Illegal dumping. Several bags of kitchen garbage found.
  • 1100 block of Sturm Street, Tuesday overnight. Graffiti on two garages.

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