Let’s once again affirm sense of community


The upcoming Walla Walla High School bond authorization vote should be viewed as a reaffirmation of our collective sense of community here in Walla Walla.

During the past 20 years I have come to appreciate the thoughtful and careful approach Walla Wallans take in considering important issues such as the upcoming bond vote. I deeply appreciate the many investments the community has made in the past to support the educational program for our kids.

My children continue to benefit from the decisions made by our community to pay-it-forward to update and improve local schools.

We are now being asked to make another investment in our school infrastructure. The proposal will enhance learning opportunities for high school students, especially in the sciences and the arts.

The proposal employs a sensible reuse of the structural backbone of existing buildings to keep costs down. The overall project is extensive and the cost reflects the scale of this project. It will not get smaller or cheaper by waiting a few years. This is one can we should not kick down the road.

I will vote “yes” on the school bond ballot because I value the high quality education we strive to maintain for our children. I will follow the lead of past and present Walla Wallans who understood that it is the community’s responsibility to ensure our schools can prepare our children for the future.

Our kids are competing with students from all of the United States, and arguably the world, for jobs and college admission. They are counting on us to join together in the common cause of providing them with the best opportunities for success.

I encourage all members of the Walla Walla community to once again affirm our commitment to a better future for the youth of Walla Walla by voting “yes.”

Kurt Hoffman

Walla Walla



beckybkennedy says...


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fatherof5 says...

Well said, Mr. Hoffman. This community has, indeed, done a great job over the years of making the investments needed to support education. The Wa-Hi remodel is an exciting next step.

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