Good Housekeeping: Local stain remover hits the spot


Walla Walla stain remover Wine Away has been given the seal of approval from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

The product evaluation laboratory for Good Housekeeping magazine has given Wine Away the Best Overall rating for red wine stain removal.

The product will be featured in the magazine’s February issue as one of nine “best products of the year to make your life easier.”

Manufactured by Evergreen Labs by mother/daughter duo Cheryl Corn, vice president of international marketing, and Staci Wanichek, chief executive officer, Wine Away is sold worldwide. The company celebrates its 15th anniversary in March.

As for its latest ranking from Good Housekeeping, Wine Away was pitted against nine other formulas created for erasing red wine stains. The Good Housekeeping Research Institute “spilled, blotted, applied and laundered to see how completely each product restored white cotton and polyester fabrics, as well as nylon carpet versus standard remedies like salt and carpet cleaner,” according to the announcement.

In the Best Overall piece for the magazine, Good Housekeeping wrote “Wine Away not only zapped stains, but was also the easiest to rinse out of carpet’s pile without damaging it.”

The ranking helps solidify the product’s reputation, Wanichek said in the announcement. “This endorsement is terrific,” she said. “We can tell you it works, but when Good Housekeeping Institute gives it the thumbs-up, that speaks volumes.”


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