Educational event to emphasize importance of fire safety


WALLA WALLA — The Blue Mountain Action Council and AmeriCorps will hold a family-oriented educational fire safety event at 2 p.m. on Monday at Reid Campus Center, 280 Boyer Ave.

As recipients of the HOPE worldwide “Protecting Our Neighbors” grant, AmeriCorps will collaborate with Whitman College and the Walla Walla Fire Department to help inform the community about how to prevent house fires.

In the week preceding MLK Jr. Day AmeriCorps and Whitman volunteers canvassed neighborhoods door-to-door to provide fire safety tips.

Participants will get hands-on training to prepare for a number of fire-related situations. The Fire Department will bring its Exit Drills in the Home/EDITH House, which simulates a house fire and allows participants to practice safe exit strategies.

It is a part of the Safety Always Matters/SAM program that has been presented annually at many Walla Walla schools.

Participants can also make donations to support the SAM program, which is in danger of discontinuation next year because of budget cuts.


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