Express yourself


Stated clearly, communication is a fuzzy subject.

Even when we’re young and trying to figure out why our dad is upside down in the water droplets he’s photographing, we use the little words we know and ask the basic questions.

“Why, Dad? Why?”

Before an explanation concerning the refracting properties of a droplet of water can be given, communication is lost to action. The curious 3-year-old has scurried up an adjacent tree and is now hanging from a branch – silent and upside down – to make her dad and the universe, as she so eloquently puts it, “Better.”

And maybe it is.

The photograph certainly becomes more interesting and memorable, even after the years have come and gone.

Communication isn’t always a verbal exchange or a measurement of understanding through growth and progress.

It takes very little to recognize a sense of kitten-like play or nest-building resolve. Or, after 10 minutes of allowing her kits to be photographed, to be able to see that a young, red fox doesn’t have to utter a single word. Her stance and expression say it all.

Time for me to go.

Words have their place, but so do the moments when we just stop, close our gaping mouths – even hang upside down to figure things out – see clearly, have patience and just let the world express itself in due time.

Whether we win or lose in the battle to get our meaning across, actions not only speak louder than words – they sometimes shout.


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