Four entries still available for Awesome Race


The finish line is near for Awesome Race: Walla Walla signups.

By this morning 21 teams had signed up to participate in Walla Walla’s version of the “Amazing Race,” coordinated by The Sweet Putt in conjunction with more than a dozen other businesses. Only four slots remain for teams of two. The event takes place Feb. 23.

Teams of two will compete “Amazing Race”-style through town on behalf of local charities. They will use vehicles to move from place to place, so strenuous exercise is not needed.

Teams will be eliminated throughout the day. The third-place team will earn 10 percent of the pot — made up from entry-fee funds — for its designated charity. The second-place team will earn 15 percent, and the winner will get 75 percent for its charity.

With 21 teams at the moment, the winnings are $787.50, $157.50 and $105, respectively. To learn more or register visit


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