Obama will destroy America


Barack Hussein Obama is making us a Third World country right before our eyes, yet people seem to not see it.

Paychecks are being cut back, many rights of the Constitution are being taken away, but people don’t see what Obama is doing our nation, a nation that once was great and stood proud. Everyone should see the movie, “2016: Obama’s America,” so they will know Obama’s plan for the nation. I have seen the movie. It’s scary!

Those who have made a living in this country better get ready to lose that opportunity!

Many of us have said that our constitutional rights are good and that we could live well by them. No more. Our rights will be gone in a matter of months!

What a depression, what a holocaust, what a mass murder of our country! We face this with Obama in office. When he was sworn in, he was sworn to do right by the people. Those of you who voted for Obama are to blame for the destruction of this once great country that was born on principles, God, and all that was holy!

Arlene Hiatt




blue says...

Exactly which constitutional right is "being taken away"? Perhaps you are talking about the second ammendment? No one is suggesting that the right to bear arms is "being taken away". Would it be so awful to ban assult weapons and large clips? Really, do you need 20 rounds to shoot a deer? Do you think the founders ever invisioned mass murders via assult weapons? I don't think so.

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mlesko73 says...

Agreed, the letter is over the top, but today the US Circuit ruled Owe-Bama's Labor Board appointments were unconstitutional.

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mtnthc says...

Terrifying,...Obama spelled backward is Satan. Fetal position,...

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mlesko73 says...

No, it's Owe-bama, as in he wants everything you earn.

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PeggyJoy says...

I understand your way of thinking, since you live in Prescott. No access to libraries, no access to anything worth listening to, other than Limbaugh and Fox. If you read more than one newspaper per day, you would find out, that Rush takes something out of context and then rants about it. You never get the complete story or facts from Rush. He is nothing better than a type of "shock jock," That's how he has made his millions, by saying the most outrageous thing he can, so people will listen to him.
And he knows most Republicans/Right wingers are a one issue people. Rant about abortions..............make up a few outrageous stories, and Rush has a new listener. Same thing with guns.

Fox News............go to: Youtube.com. Roger Ailes and Murdoch (Owner) tells the news media, when questioning them about their so-called news, that they don't have to tell the truth about the news or anything that pertains to the news.

The problem with your rant about Obama............you don't listen to the actual facts, or you don't search for the actual facts.

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mlesko73 says...

If you think you're getting "reality" from network news you are as misguided as those you poke fun at in Prescott. The director of the political bureau of CBS just published a piece in Slate that called for Owe-bama to pulverize the GOP while the time is ripe. Do you think that network is giving you unbiased coverage? The networks totally whiffed on Bengazi during the run up to Nov 6, coincidence? Be fair.

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PeggyJoy says...

Fact: People living in "small town" American vote Republican, because they don't have access to info found in large libraries, bookstores, etc. Since Clear Network has taken over the airwaves (1980s), the programs for these "small town" folks have to listen to are Right-wing nutcases like Limbaugh, Liddy, Beck, Hannity, Ingram, Reagan and others of their ilk. Since they don't have access to both points of view, then how are they to come to any intelligent conclusion about any matter, that affects them.

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jcwestbrook says...

Prescott has a very fine library - I worked there for almost ten years. http://www.wwrurallibrary.com/branche...

Great town full of great people. I recommend taking a weekend drive and grabbing lunch at the Tuxedo Tavern or come out on the weekend for a Prescott Lions Club breakfast. Maybe take a drive up Skyrocket Road and enjoy one of the best views in the county. Don't forget to stop and take a picture at the Historic Mullan Road marker too. You might want to take a picture with the Touchet Valley Unity Wall too. Or wait until this summer and you can also take a dip in the Prescott Public Pool - something the local population has supported since the 1950's.

But I wouldn't recommend saying that Prescott folks are stupid while you're there.

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PeggyJoy says...

I've lived in the area for 68 years, and there is nothing wrong with Prescott. I'm saying that the citizens in Prescott do not have access to large amount of materials, because their library is small. I would be curious as to how many have access to the internet, and know how to search for material........Example: Library of Congress, National Archives, Presidential Libraries, etc.

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Iopine says...

peggyjoy - you really should stay off the whacky weed until after you get done on the computer - you sound just like Chris Matthews with a tingle down his leg. Just sayin!

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PeggyJoy says...

You should know about "weed," since you claim to be a "NamVet."
I doubt if you ever served.
As for Chris Matthews, intelligent guy, that has been in the middle of politics most of his life, starting with Tip O'Neal.

I guess you prefer Fox New, where the people are NOT journalists. They, like Reagan just read the scripts handed to them. Seems you didn't read or maybe understand what Roger Ailes and Murdoch said, when ask about their Fox News giving all false or I should say mde up news.............Ailes and Murdoch said they didn't have to tell the trth, when reporting the news. Just proves fans of Fox News like to be lied to!

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pdywgn says...

Actually it holds thirty, but I usually load 25. It's called sport shooting not sport loading.

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wwnative says...

Wow. I think Arlene is off her meds again.

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carcrazy says...

Peggy Joy needs to take some meds!

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Iopine says...

peggyjoy - your one of the last that I would ever answer to and I'm sure you will be glued to the lovefest that will involve the Hillary & Hussein interview on one of those Obama media outlets. Also I'm off the farm and the only thing we did with weeds was use pesticide on them and that's what they should do with it now!

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dogman12 says...

Name calling, great.

We are oppressed, not by the left or the right, but by the top. The primary role of the media is to create perceptions of separation between us, to distract us from the theft we suffer from above.

Democrats in general are corporate tools, who think the little people deserve a few more crumbs than what the Republicans do. Dems are a little more friendly to women. Other than that, no meaningful differences.

I don't have an answer for it, I don't believe the capacity for cooperation and unity exists in people anymore. I think I'll get drunk and watch the gladiators - I mean SuperBowl.

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tpeacock says...

At least someone is rather sensible here. Ever notice how many so-called adults act like they never left Jr. High? Name calling, my way cause I say so, and on and on it goes.
Both political parties have many troubling issues, the only thing ANY political commentators on the AM waves care about is their bank accounts, and most have no clue to what they speak of.
I agree with you, time to watch the gladiators, at least that's authentic, though there's a lot of over paid Jr. Hi kiddies in the arenas; I guess you just can't escape it!

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kowjak says...

"Off her meds" -- very likely. Mr Obama is doing a fine job, despite harassment and obfuscation from the far right -- JHV

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