Sobriety group to honor bassist John Taylor


LOS ANGELES — Duran Duran founding member and bassist John Taylor used to be as thirsty for the bottle as he was “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

Taylor’s 2012 book, “In the Pleasure Groove: Life, Death, and Duran Duran,” details his journey through alcholism and addiction to recovery.

The “courage and honesty” the musician reveals in the work will be honored by Writers in Treatment, which assists authors who struggle with substance addiction.

The organization will present Taylor with its annual Experience, Strength and Hope Award at a charity event Feb. 15 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

“This work is an inspiration and guidepost for a generation of fans that might be dealing with similar issues,” said founder Leonard Buschel, in a release.

“At a time when people suffer as much, or more, from the social stigma of addiction, John, who came forward to champion recovery and dispel the dark clouds of superstition regarding this treatable illness, certainly deserves our recognition, admiration and heartfelt gratitude.”


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