Wa-Hi Scholarship Fair was a success


Much appreciation to the more than 35 entities that displayed to high school seniors and parents how to smooth some bumps in the road for those wanting to further their education. Again, the generosity of Walla Walla was well represented by the dozens of staffers who were present at the first Wa-Hi Scholarship Fair.

The spirit was great. The turnout was strong. Walla Walla High School Career Counselor Claircy Clizer did a great job organizing this productive event.

The giving spirit is also well represented by community support, and the Wa-Hi Class of ’52 and ’62 reunion contribution to the Walla Walla Public High Schools’ Scholarship Fund. The fund is only 10 months old but is seeing continual contribution and has reached almost $27,000 in value.

Anyone can give to this fund at any time, directly to the Blue Mountain Community Foundation, P O Box 603, Walla Walla (Marked WWPHSSF).

College costs may be high and Walla Walla has a lot of very promising students with limited personal resources. Walla Walla recognizes the value of assisting these students in realizing greater life potential.

Jerry Zahl

College Place


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