Don’t let facilities get in way of education


Having wandered the Walla Walla High School campus as a student a few years back (the class of 2009), I know how crowded our beautiful school can be.

And nowhere was this crowding more evident than in the commons and the parking lots.

Renovations to both of these areas under the upcoming bond would go a long ways to foster the sense of community that makes Wa-Hi so special.

Giving everyone a sheltered seat to eat lunch, away from the biting winds of winter or the stinging wasps of autumn, provides a positive relationship between student and school.

Similarly, students shouldn’t have to stress about getting to school extra early to snag a good parking spot. Admittedly, these two upgrades are not, and should not be, the primary arguments on which to decide whether or not to build a new Wa-Hi.

However, they are certainly positive, auxiliary outcomes of a renovation. More importantly, they echo a plethora of other shortcomings in the current Wa-Hi.

Facilities should facilitate education, not get in its way. Therefore I’m voting “yes” by February 12.

Jeff Ladderud

Walla Walla


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