Let’s pay our debts to the past and the future


Walla Walla High School hasn’t had a significant renovation in 50 years, and it’s time to change that. It’s beautiful on the outside, but pitiful on the inside.

The classrooms and commons area are too crowded. The science labs are in desperate need of updating. The drama and music areas need remodeling. There’s no air conditioning for hot days. More bathrooms are needed. Etc., etc.

People talk about the debt associated with renovating the school, but I think that there are two other debts we need to acknowledge.

The first is the debt we owe to those who built Walla Walla High School 50 years ago. They may have felt a pinch in their pocketbooks for doing that, but they realized that their kids (and our kids)deserved it, and that it was money well spent. The second is the debt we owe to our children and their children. They have a right to be educated in facilities that are up to the task.

We need to pay our debts to the past, and to the future. Please vote yes on the Wa Hi bond.

Mark Beck

Walla Walla



fatherof5 says...

Beautifully written! I'd like to hear from some of those who paid to build this school 50 years ago. They created an incredible school setting. Now it's our turn to follow their example.

Posted 31 January 2013, 1:05 p.m. Suggest removal

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