Emergency Services - 7/1/13


Information is compiled by the Union-Bulletin staff from the official logs and records of area law enforcement and emergency service agencies. Readers with any information on these or other crimes should call the local police or county sheriff’s department. By law, victims of crimes may request through law enforcement agencies that their names not be released to the media. Theft and vandalism reports were filed Saturday, Sunday and today unless otherwise noted.

Walla Walla

Theft of prescription medications reportedly stolen in the 500 block of Ash Street.

Two tires reportedly stolen in the 100 block of Assumption Drive.

Two-vehicle collision; no injuries reported.

A police officer reported, “A patron of Loney’s Harvest Food purchased (beer and baking soda) and was trying to get out exact change. When he removed the change, he also removed two baggies of cocaine and left them on the counter. He then left the store with his purchase.”

Vandals smashed three windows in a 2002 Chevy Malibu in the Pentecostal Calvary parking lot.

Police arrested a 26-year-old woman for assaulting her sister.

Walla Walla County

An 84-year-old woman reportedly struck a telephone pole in the 3500 block of Old Milton Highway while driving home from church. A deputy noticed damaged to her vehicle that “wasn’t consistent with the collision.” The woman reported she had passed out and struck a guard rail earlier in June. She did not recall how she struck the telephone pole, but suffered only minor injuries.

A motorist struck a deer on Harvey Shaw Road north of Cochran Road; no injuries to the driver were reported.

A Woodland Avenue resident reported two neighborhood dogs killed his dog on his porch.

A Greenbriar Drive woman reported her billfold and camera were stolen from her purse.

Police responded to a report of a fight in the 300 block of East Alder Street. Police arrested one man on investigation second degree assault.


Attempted burglary of a shed in the 100 block of Preston Avenue reported.

Umatilla County

A resident of the 53000 block of West Ferndale Road reported he had chased a “younger male on a bike,” away from his home several times during the day. “He keeps hiding in the bushes,” according to Umatilla County Dispatch logs. Deputies contacted the youth and gave him a verbal warning about trespassing.

Prescription medications, including hydrocodone, tramadol and morphine reportedly stolen from a residence in Helix.

A Weston-area man reported someone tore down a large section of his fence.

A late ’90s Ford Explorer reportedly stolen in the 53000 block of West Crockett Road.



Kyle E. Fairley, 22, 429 E. Sumach St., Sunday. Charge: investigation of second degree assault.


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