21st century education system will save nation


We live in the 21st century among leapfrogging advancements in critical areas. Education moves sideways and bloats.

Ignorance ever has been and shall be civilization’s greatest threat, easily manipulated by droves of self-serving opportunists, great and small. Ignorance shackles quality of life through lost opportunities.

The primary cure is education, which embeds sufficient knowledge and skills for recipients to compete for successful lives. Experience supplements the process. Education splits between academic and nonacademic which includes athletics, performing arts, trades, etc. They require separate programs.

Education needs two things, a place for students and system to deliver highest quality essential information including laboratory and other related activities.

Earth’s digital cloud contains most all mankind’s knowledge. A simple computer affords access and opens education to undreamed levels. Digest this new paradigm and halt adding or modifying education facilities.

Student location doesn’t matter. Any safe space will do. America’s finest education is available to everybody.

Education costs will plummet and results soar. Most all barnacles attached to education will be shed, taxes melt and America shall become the world’s educator. Here’s how:

  1. Eliminate the Department of Education.

  2. Eliminate all laws, regulations, rules, mandates, contracts — every trace of activities in the current system.

3 Install a new 21st century education system placing total responsibility in the private sector.

  1. Broadcast globally via state of the art natural language system.

U.S. Rules:

  1. Student location doesn’t matter.

  2. Mandatory participation is not required.

  3. 1,500 of America’s premier teachers shall teach 300 courses — 5 per course — in English translated by latest natural language processing software.

  4. A two-day exam is offered quarterly. Once passed a diploma is granted regardless of age.

The digital world major partner produces inexpensive computers with iris I.D., massive storage, virtual labs to dissect worms and frogs; combine chemicals that blow up icons — not buildings, etc.

Capabilities and quality of instruction shall be quantified and verified for contractors and carefully audited and enforced. Competition includes all education systems including public schools meeting current federal performance standards plus private, parochial, charter, virtual, correspondence, home schooling and those to come.

Military personnel can pursue education wherever deployed, even in subs. They can help their kids — and vice versa — with homework. It adds purpose and growth to life when isolated for long periods from home and family.

Restore this great nation.

William L. Kelly

Walla Walla


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