In the Minutes - Garfield County County Commission


Commissioners are Robert Johnson, Dean Burton and Wynne McCabe. With all present Monday, the board:

GRAVEL PIT: Discussed closure plan for county gravel pit, heard report that county engineer plans to graze the area with sheep for two days to clear brush so a reclamation plan can be developed.

JUNK VEHICLES: Discussed draft letter on junk vehicles, which when completed will be sent out to who people park unlicensed vehicles parked on county right-of-ways.

LIGHTING PROJECT: Heard report that lights for the Downtown Revitalization Project will be delivered next week. Public works is continuing sidewalk work that is to be completed before lights can be installed.

AG MUSEUM: Approved final payment of $1483 to Walla Walla Electric for work at the Eastern Washington Agricultural Museum’s second building.

HOMELESS SHELTER: Discussed the county’s homeless shelter with Blue Mountain Action Council CEO Steven Moss. The shelter has been closed since April due to lack of funding. The board asked Moss to make a proposal to the county about options for the building, including converting it to a rental property or selling it and using funds for rent

JUDGE: Authorized Superior Court Judge William Acey to split a portion of his budget into two separate line items, which will allow him to be reimbursed by the state for some expenses related to guardianship of minors.


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