Suspect linked to shooting charged


WALLA WALLA — A man accused of helping a suspect allegedly involved in a shooting in April leave the area was charged Monday afternoon in Walla Walla Superior Court.

Lucas M. Hancock, 22, of 816 Figueroa St., was charged with first-degree rendering criminal assistance. He was arrested Monday morning at his residence.

Police believe Hancock gave Shawn A. Crump a ride following the April 13 shooting of Blake D. Nelson, 26, in an alley behind the 1700 block of Portland Ave.

Officials said Crump, Nelson and Timothy T. Parlor arrived in the alley in Nelson’s car about 3 a.m. Parlor pulled a .22-caliber handgun and shot Nelson in the chest, hand and head, according to police.

Parlor and Crump then allegedly ran to a nearby residence where, Crump claims, he phoned Hancock and asked Hancock to pick him up. Police believe Hancock knew that the shooting had occurred.

Nelson was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Police said the shooting might have been drug-related.

Crump, 21, was arrested April 14; Parlor, 19, was taken into custody two days later.

Each is charged with first-degree assault.

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