Sensible people need to minimize damage to planet


Different letters writers have recently accused advocates for addressing climate change as either “playing God,” or being duped by a massive, ongoing scam.

It’s hard to know which of these accusations is more ridiculous.

For around 800,000 years, the atmosphere in the world that God created, presumably without help from human beings, contained about 280 ppm of carbon dioxide. Since industrialization, when humanity began extracting energy from nonrenewable fossil fuels and dumping carbon dioxide waste into the atmosphere, the level of CO2 has risen to 400 ppm.

So who’s playing God? The people who want to convert our energy economy to take advantage of the solar and wind energy freely available as gifts from God (or Mother Nature, or whatever you prefer)? Or the people who support the fossil fuel status quo?

Remember, these industries want to continue to dig or drill ever deeper to continue depleting the nonrenewable residue of millions of years of organic life, and to continue treating the atmosphere — the atmosphere that all living things depend on — as a garbage dump.

As to the idea that “global warming” is some kind of gigantic fraud or hoax, how would such a hoax actually work?

A recent report by the World Meteorological Organization found that 2001 to 2010 was the hottest decade since modern record keeping began.

“The decade was the warmest for both hemispheres and for both land and ocean surface temperatures. The record warmth was accompanied by a rapid decline in Arctic sea ice, and accelerating loss of net mass from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets and from the world’s glaciers,” the report says. Details can be found at

This report was compiled by collecting data from more than 100 national meteorological or hydrological agencies. What incentives would thousands of researchers and observers around the world have to report false readings of atmospheric and ocean temperatures?

This idea of a worldwide, decades long conspiracy is only credible if you believe that Al Gore is the Antichrist.

Sensible people need to look seriously at what changes we need to make as individuals, and as a society, to minimize the damage already done and maximize the chances for our grandchildren to live safe, healthy lives.

Bart Preecs

Walla Walla


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